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How to get a product into Home Depot, etc?

CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Marketing
I have come up with a product that I know will sell like hotcakes to people shopping at Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware type stores.  Everyone that I talk to and show the product to say to me "why didn`t I think of that" and think its an outstanding idea.  Whats my next step?  I am not sure if I am going to manufacture this myself or outsource it?  I know what the packaging  is going to look like and the name of it.  I don`t know who to talk to so I can get this item on the shelves (it`s actually more of a point of purchase product).  Any help is appreciated.


  • truegeniustruegenius subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi CHAIRman,
    As boiseboys said, you will need to have your manufacturing/distribution in place before seeking out a large retailer.  They won`t do this for you.
    Once you have this in place, here`s my advice: hire an independent sales rep in your industry to sell the product for you to your targeted retailers.  A sales rep is paid on commission only, so you don`t pay the rep until the orders are placed, and sometimes paid for. 
    Also frequent tradeshows.  This can be expensive, but it`s a great way to reach a lot of your target all at one time.  Of course, you`ll need to differentiate yourself from the slew of competition trying to get the attention of the same people you are.  Do something unique and creative.  A sales rep can help you out here too. 
    Best of luck.
  • CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Tracy and Tammy for your input!  Tammy- How can I find a sales rep?
  • truegeniustruegenius subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Ben,
    That`s the fun part.  Haven`t mastered that yet myself. You want someone who is going to be passionate about your product.  Most sales reps sell more than one product for more than one client, so the fun and tricky part is building a solid enough relationship with him/her that they peddle your product for you because they love the product and are making money off of it.
    There are a couple of options for you:
    1) You can place an ad in a trade publication that you are seeking a rep (there has to be a trade publication for furniture manufacturing - not sure what it would be).
    2) You can contact a couple of national associations to place ads.  Two are:
    Manufacturers` Agents National Association (www.nasareps.com</A>)
    There is also a book that was recommended on some sites when I was doing my research: Selling Through Independent Reps (AMACON, Third Edition, 2000) by Harold J. Novick. Cannot vouch for it, haven`t read it.
    Hope this helps somewhat.
  • CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Tammy- That information is great and am going to pursue finding a rep. 
    All Best,
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