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Welcome from a new member

Wise1GuideWise1Guide subscriber Posts: 1
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Hi All:
I just came across this forum today, and decided to go ahead and join.  I`ve learned some lessons in previous business ventures, and am now starting up a new one.  I thought it would be good to share some of what I have learned, especially if any of you are going the franchise route.  I am also looking for ideas as I attempt my own `from the ground up` business this time.  Looking to do so on as short of a "shoestring" as possible this time...
Good luck to us all!


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    SiteFlipAcademySiteFlipAcademy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Frank and welcome to SuN! We are glad that you have joined the forum to share your thoughts and experiences. Wishing you good luck on your new business.
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    Wise1GuideWise1Guide subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Craig:
    Actually, my current product started with a simple eBook about my experiences in the franchise business (you can find a listing for it in the Marketplace - click here for the listing).  But, since I am writing a few other eBooks, I started my own download on demand ecommerce site to sell the eBooks.  And now I am planning on opening this website to other authors of inspirational and educational eBooks, looking to make it easy for the non-computer savvy folks to get their message to their on-line audience. I`m still researching the existing `do it yourself` publishing options out there, and finding them to be somewhat painful.  That is what makes me think that this will become a valuable website.
    Thanks for the comments!
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    Wise1GuideWise1Guide subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks again Craig:
    Any suggestions as to how best I "get involved"? I like this site so far because it seems very active, far more so that others I have signed up with.  But I have limited time available for forums.  What`s the best way to go about "being involved" with this site?
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