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SEO Scam Alert: Guaranteed First Page Placement

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
Fraudulent SEO companies are trolling forums, and contacting small businesses via e-mail and telephone guaranteeing to place them on the first page of search engines. These companies charge thousands of dollars and accomplish nothing. Here`s how the scam works:
If you pay their fee (usually several thousand dollars), they promise that if you use  their software (spamware) you will see your website rank on the first page of  search results for your primary keywords. What they don`t tell you, however is that it`s only an illusion. Your rankings are only displayed if you have their  toolbar installed. That`s because.their software intercepts and alters the search engine results to make it appear that your site is on top of the search results, when in reality it isn`t. This is a sleazy scam that doesn`t work, and even worst, it will badly infect your computer with spamware.
No one has control over where or how a page ranks. That`s determined by the search engines themselves. While legitimate SEO techniques can indeed help with search engine placement, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can guarantee you first page placement, or that your listing will remain in a certain position for any length of time. These factors are determined solely by the whims and algorithms of the search engines.Dale King
 DKing2007-9-15 12:42:26
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