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How to Build and Maintain Traffic Momentum For Your Website

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited March 2008 in Marketing
I get e-mails and pm`s daily from people asking me about the latest and greatest traffic-generating gimmicks, angles and schemes. My answer is always the same. Forget aboout the gimmicks. Building traffic to your website is all about doing things the right way - building and maintaining momentum. So how do you do that? Click here http://xrl.us/bhgec to read the rest of my article.
As always, I welcome your comments and/or feedback.
Dale King
DKing3/10/2008 11:15 AM


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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Nice article Dale... it makes sense, but how long should it take to build some traffic?
    Thanks, Jack! It really comes down to how consistent and persistent you are in following the techniques that I mentioned in my article. But if you follow those techniques faithfully, you should start seeing a noticeable increase in traffic within a couple of months. The main thing is to be consistent in your actions, and exercise patience.
    Remember... "good things come to those who wait."
    Dale King 
    DKing3/11/2008 7:11 AM
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