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The 10 Best Article Directories

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited May 2014 in Marketing
There are literally thousands of article directories on the internet. Listed below are the 10 best, according to search engine results, Google PageRank and Alexa traffic rankings.
1. EzineArticles.com is a matching service between tens of thousands of expert authors and millions of readers & publishers looking for expert solutions to millions of problems. EzineArticles is owned by highly-respected entrepreneur Chris Knight, and is arguably the king of article directories. EzineArticles has been around since 1999. PageRank: 6    (http://EzineArticles.com)
2. GoArticles.com is owned by Canadian publishing giant, Jayde Online, Inc., and has been around since 2000. PageRank: 3 (http://GoArticles.com)
3. WebProNews.com is an articles and newsletter database covering a variety of ebusiness topics including SEO, SEM, Affiliate marketing and ebusiness site design/development. WebProNews has been around since 2000. PageRank: 6  (http://WebProNews.com)
4. ArticleDashboard.com bills itself as "the premier source of free content for newsletters, ezines, and websites." The site also offers free syndication services for authors and publishers. ArticleDashboard has been around since 2005. PageRank: 6 (http://ArticleDashboard.com)
5. Searchwarp.com is one of my favorite article directories, because it feels more like a friendly community than an article directory. It`s very colorful and vibrant. Another reason I like it so much is because they publish the author`s picture along with their articles. In fact, I liked their concept so much, I borrowed it when I started my own article directory. Searchwarp has been around since 2002. PageRank: 3 (http://SearchWarp.com)
6. Isnare.com is an outstanding article directory owned by Glenn Prialde of the Phillipines. Isnare has been around since 2004. PageRank: 4  (http://Isnare.com)
7. Buzzle.com features its own directory, free e-mail, message boards, news, articles and short stories online. Buzzle provides information on health, travel, science, technology and lifestyles. Technically, Buzzle is an online news magazine. But you can submit articles to them, once you pass their approval process. Buzzle has been around since 1999. PageRank: 5 (http://www.buzzle.com/authors/become-author.asp)
8. AmericanChronicle.com is another one of my favorite article directories. Actually, it`s a family of 21 different article directories. Like Buzzle above, it`s techically an online news magazine. And also like Buzzle, you can still submit your articles to them, once you pass their approval process. AmericanChronicle has been around since 2004. PageRank: 5  (http://www.americanchronicle.com/notices/submit_info)
9. IdeaMarketers.com is a great article directory that will not only let you submit articles, you can build your own ezine as well. IdeaMarketers is owned by highly respected entrepreneur, Marnie Pehrson. IdeaMarketers has been around since 1998. PageRank: 5  (http://Ideamarketers.com)
10. ArticleCity.com bills itself as "your one-stop source for free articles." And not only can you submit articles, you can submit press releases as well. ArticleCity has been around since 1999. PageRank: 6  (http://ArticleCity.com)
One last thing: I get a lot of e-mails from people asking me if they should use software to auto-submit their articles to hundreds of directories at a time. In my opinion, no you shouldn`t. Here`s why. New article directories come online everyday, and many disappear as quickly as they arrive on the scene. As a result, you have to update your software on a regular basis. In addition, while quicker than manual submissions, it still takes time to set up the software and fill out all the forms for your articles.
Also, many article directories do not accept or approve articles that are auto- submitted, and they have sophisticated detection methods in place to catch violators. For best results, manually submit your articles to the "10 best directories" listed above and you`ll be just fine.
Dale King
DaleKing6/2/2008 12:17 PM


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