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What Is Your Business and Why Did You Start It?

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Like me,  many of you on this forum have your own business.. Share with us what  your business is and why did you start it? I feel sharing this information with the forum will give others the inspiration to start a business and follow their dreams.I`ll go first.My website, GuruKnowledge.org is an Internet marketing website featuring the top Internet Marketing experts on the planet, in virtually every category of Internet marketing including: advertising, blogs, copywriting, ebay, e-mail, ezines, marketing, public relations, publishing, RSS, SEO, traffic, WAHM, web programming and the list goes on and on!I created GuruKnowledge.org because unfortunately, there are a lot of "wannabe" or "so-called" Internet Marketing experts proliferating the Internet, dispensing inaccurate or in most cases, just plain wrong information. I was sick and tired of Internet Marketing newbies getting started off on the wrong foot, or getting ripped off! So much of the information being sold out there is neither helpful nor real, for the most part. Most people selling "how to make money on the Internet" have never made a dime on the Internet except for selling ..."how to make money on the Internet crap". My website provides the best and most accurate information available, by some of the most famous Internet marketers on the planet.
Okay, your turn.Dale King DKing2007-7-25 13:22:5


  • vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    It so happens that I had always wanted to start my own business. I did work for a couple of years after my MBA but then I got tired of the corporate bitching and nasty absuse , politics and stuff like that.
    My entrepreneurial journey started by being self-employed - i did training and development, freelance writing ( I still do). I run my own websites now and I have no clue what I will do next.
    One things I am sure of is that I can never work under someone else and that I am better off doing what I love doing.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    For once, I am going to do my best in keeping this post short. I started Elusive Treasures because I found a connection to quality products that are virtually not found in any store or other online retailer. I also started my own business because I was/am tired of the politics and two-faced personalities of those "team members" who act more like know-it-alls, or treating others on the team as if they`re experience or process of getting a job done is more relevant than others on the team. Don`t get me wrong. I think team work is the only thing that presses the human race forward into unimaginable places. But it seems to me that the "corporate world" employees are so focused on "getting what`s coming to them" that it`s not fun to go to work.Therefore, I started hunting for my "perfect job." But I don`t think Elusive Treasures will be my last stop. Life is interesting and strange stuff happens at times you wouldn`t think change is possible. What`s next? I don`t know... but I am always sharpening my skills in case a great opportunity presents itself. Of course I don`t ever plan to ditch ElusiveTreasures.com. It is a love of mine.
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    My business is an online store which showcases my little invention called SmudgeGuard.  My invention is a partial glove that eliminates the pesky problem of smudges and hand friction for all kinds of artists who write and draw.
    I created my invention because I didn`t want my left-handed son to suffer through smudges as I once did when I was in school.  So I figured, since this new product helped my son and I, that I should share it with others to help them as well. I knew some of my friends had the same problem and I also researched online and found many others complaining of the same thing. So that`s why I started my business.  
    But I also like the many other perks of owning my own business too! For example...
    1. Being able to stay at home and raising my own kids
    2. Being my own boss
    3. I don`t have to waste time commuting (in traffic)
    4. No more office politics
    5. Being very creative and learning something new everyday.
    6. Getting to meet and speak with exciting people who are kind enough to help and support me.
    7. Being happy and doing something that I`m truly passionate about.
    So, I`m very happy that I started my own business.  My idea actually came at the right time too, because I needed to find a full or part-time job. Being a stay-at-home mom, I couldn`t really contribute my share into the family savings (money-wise).  But I told my husband, I would start looking for a job, to help with the bills, only after my second child goes to kindergarten full time.  So, being out of work for 5 years, I didn`t know what kind of job I was going to find.  But I was fortunate to see the big problem that my older son was having in school and that`s how it all started and I`m loving every minute of it!
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Wish I can tell you how to get on Oprah, but I`m also in the pursuit of Oprah too!
    I was thinking of sending her one of my products since she is left-handed as well!  Hmmm...All I need is her address. 
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... I completely agree. If you`re planning on giving "your all." You may as well give "your all" to your own business. That is not to say people working for "the man" are not giving their all. I know you`re not saying that, and I know there are some products that can`t be produced without everyone giving "their all." But certainly, I feel I control my destiny when I am not working for "the man."
  • NetmomNetmom subscriber Posts: 5
    Great topic Dale!
    My company is Chit Chat Brands and what we do is create products that foster conversation and interaction in families, couples and groups. We do this through a series of product lines like our initial product line which is called Chit Chat and Chew.
    I have always been an entrepreneur. I have made that choice throughout my career so I could have the freedom to have choices (sure I can volunteer for the field trip or I won`t be working today I am taking my daughters out for tea or I got a $1 deal to San Juan we are outta here...).
    Why did I start this business? As a parent I saw too many people with no time because of demands of work and life, to spend with their children. And if they spent time together it was often a chore or awkward. We believed that if we could create a no pressure environment for people to come together and help them open the lines of communication, we could truly impact families. We used what I already did with my own children as the inspiration for the lines.
    So the short answer is that I started it because I felt passionate about it and everyday I work on it, it feels right.
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Thank you, Corliss!
    Your company sounds very interesting!
    Dale King
  • JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 2
    Why did I form Cool & Associates, Inc.?
    After successfully working in 54 countries throughout my career, working in virtually every culture in the global marketplace, I returned to "the area of my birth to make a difference"! When I returned from a 6 year Consultant contract in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I literally "took off" 3 years and did absolutely NOTHING (as I had literally forgotten my persona while adapting to the many cultures)! In September, 2003 I woke up 1 morning, remembered who I was and formed my company with the goal to distribute what I had learned during my career.
    Initially, I "offended" many individuals and organizations as I am at a "point in my life" that I can be very selective in who/what I wish to pursue. I literally "networked" for 18 months 24/7, joining many networking organizations and in a few Ambassador positions because of my "access to the global marketplace".
    Since then, I have "mended" many fences in my pursuit of helping others. Currently, I seldom "network" but rather key individuals contact me and I decide if it is an individual/organization I wish to pursue - with the caveat that not IF, but WHEN we succeed, I get a "piece of the action".
    One thing I learned very early is that money is not the goal but rather success is the goal and money surely follows regardless of the pursuit. One area I have been pursuing "on the side" is attending 4-6 Teleseminars a week. While many of the Speakers really "ramble on" in an effort to get you to but their product(s)- they need the money for mortgage and car payments - there is only ONE thing I key in on! In each of these Teleseminars, I glean their GOLDEN NUGGET - most only have a single one and I have developed a Power Point presentation of GOLDEN NUGGETS - suitably "culturalized" for the global marketplace. The GOLDEN NUGGETS cannot be identified to specific individuals as many have the same. When completed, I feel  it will be a very powerful "weapon" for success in MY world, the Global Marketplace. As a note, I "attended" a Teleseminar yesterday (Thursday) that gave specific instructions on how to get on Oprah and many other venues.
    I will get off my soapbox now but I felt that I wanted to share the above in this forum as I read many posts in which I know the individual is in search of the success that will help them meet their financial obligations.
    Isn`t life grand???  My best to all. Joe the Raod Warrior
  • JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 2
    After receiving several private emails, I must admit I did not specifically answer the 2nd question of the thread: ",,,Why did you start it?" The response is in two parts:
    1.  To provide a consolidated forum (my website in which I sell nothing (other than my personal successes which some folks do not appreciate) of the vast cultural and business experience I have obtained throughout my career, the knowledge obtained on how to be successful in the global marketplace and a "conduit" to individuals including key-decision makers in several market sectors I have contact with in many countries.
    2.  To provide a single consolidated fiscal point of responsibility/accountability for Business Expenses and Accounts Receivable/Payable to maintain "business integrity" in the global marketplace and of course, meet the requirements of the IRS.
    Have a great weekend. Joe the Road Warrior
  • bjortandcompanybjortandcompany subscriber Posts: 1
    My company actually started after my son was diagnosed with a vision
    problem called Amblyopia.  He was 2 years old and needed to wear
    glasses and an eye patch and it was impossible to keep them on
    him.  I made an entertaining DVD with puppets with eye patches on
    and he absolutely loved it.  Since then I made a company out of it
    and love what I am doing for the kids going through this.

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