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The Illogical Use Of Adsense

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited July 2007 in Marketing
In my opinion, any business that sells a product or a service shouldn`t have Adsense on their website. Why? Because with Adsense, you`re promoting your competition, that`s why. If you had a brick and mortar business, would you put your competitors ads in your store window? Of course you wouldn`t. That wouldn`t make any sense, now would it?
Well, by having Adsense on your website, you`re essentially doing the same thing. That doesn`t make any sense either. Not to mention the fact that there are some people who won`t even patronize your website, if you have Adsense on it.
That`s definitely not a good situation. Besides, it`s tough enough to convert visitors to your website into paying customers, without adding your competitors ads to the equation. Granted, many buyers are going to check out your competition anyway, before they make their decision to purchase. But heck, don`t make it easy for them by having your competitors ads in plain sight right on your own website.
And even if you enable the Adsense filter to block out competitive ads, the ads themselves are still a distraction.
Why sabotage your own efforts by throwing distracting ads into the mix? See my point? If you want to monetize your site, affiliate programs are a much better option, when you take into consideration the measly few cents per click that Google is going to pay you for Adsense.
The fact of the matter is, with very few exceptions, unless your website has mega-traffic, those huge Adsense checks are simply not attainable.
Before writing this article, I actually researched this topic and the sites that I researched that were the most successful using Adsense were all high-traffic, free content sites. For example free article directories, free dating sites, blogs, etc., that weren`t selling anything. Not surprisingly, the sites that weren`t as successful didn`t have very much traffic and were trying to make money selling products in addition to using Adsense.
If you`re selling something, to me it`s counter-productive to send your visitors to another website, just to make a few pennies per click. It`s just not logical to do that!
Do you agree or disagree?
Dale King

DKing12/10/2007 8:48 AM


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