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The Truth About FFA Pages

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited June 2007 in Marketing
FFA is an acronym for "Free-For All," and one of the biggest myths on the Internet is, if you advertise your website`s URL on thousands of FFA pages, you`ll be flooded with traffic, and increase your link popularity and search engine ranking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here`s why: Very few people actually read the ads on FFA pages. They visit FFA pages for the same reason you do--to post their own ads-- not to look at someone else`s. So basically, your submission is just a dead link.
As far as increasing your site`s link popularity, research has shown that submitting to FFA pages does NOT increase your link popularity or search engine ranking. In fact, linking to FFA pages could actually hurt your ranking, because many search engines will penalize you if they think you are trying to artificially increase your link popularity. Also, many individuals use auto-submitters to post their ads. This means most of the time, a real person never actually sees your ad anyway. In addition, there`s a limit to the number of ads that can be posted to an FFA page. This means that as new ads are posted, your ad drops further and further down the page, until it drops off completely. In fact, since the most popular FFA pages are constantly bombarded with submissions, your ad will probably only appear for a very short period of time - sometimes only an hour or two. And if you hate SPAM, you`re really going to hate FFA pages. Here`s why: When you post on FFA pages, you have to provide your e-mail address, and then the promoter of the site will promptly send you e-mail trying to sell you something. All or most of the e-mail you receive will be pure garbage and scams. For example: "Earn thousands weekly working from home," and other equally outrageous claims. Although some FFA pages claim to be "SPAM free", they really aren`t. So, if you auto-submit your site to thousands of FFA pages, you can expect to receive hundreds and hundreds of e-mails within days--and they`ll just keep right on coming unless you unsubcribe to each one. And sometimes the e-mails won`t even allow you to unsubscribe. Here`s something else to consider: Most of the people who submit to FFA pages are flat-out broke. That`s the main reason they submit to FFA pages to begin with, because they don`t have the money to do any legitimate advertising. That means by the slim chance someone actually did see your ad on an FFA page and clicked on it, the chances of them actually buying anything are remote at best.
Also, many web hosts consider FFA participation to be a form of spamming, and will shut down your website without warning if they learn you`re involved with FFA`s.My advice: Don`t waste your time with FFA pages. They just aren`t worth the headaches!DKing2007-6-7 20:53:22


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