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WanHart Gallery needs website critiques

wanhartwanhart subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Website Critique
Hi,We are developing a shopping cart capability as I post this message. The new WanHart Gallery website with Shopping Cart will be ready by Sept 15, 2007.Meanwhile we have our existing website at www.WanHart.com (WanHart Gallery). I would like to ask for critique and advice from you guys.Thank you, Irwan Hartanto.


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    NoheaNohea subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Irwan,
    I`m a budding Interior Decorator and really like your products. Prior to this career I worked as a graphic designer for many years. In regards to your site, I think your product shots are great, but the overall layout of the site is too busy. All of the buttons, duplicate ways to get to things, are distracting from your beautiful products. You don`t need hot buttons, just a sale section. Have you looked at some of the competition to see how they are handling websites? I`ve listed a few here, which may give you some ideas.
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    wanhartwanhart subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the comments. We are designing the entire website look and feel with shopping cart as I post this message.I am hoping the new redesigned website will give us more sales.Thanks, Irwan.
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    ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    I expected the passion and quality control to link somewhere, they seem like they should link. Then I selected decorative lamps, the navigation was lost to me I scrolled down and didnt realize there was a sub tab of metal lamps etc. I would suggest at least adding a list of others at the bottom. I also didnt see a sale page or clearance page, I ALWAYS hit the sales page on a site. One more thing, I`m not crazy about the gray background on the sides, your name has gallery in it and I would expect some flare. Maybe a color or light pattern of some sort, but not gray.
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