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Looking for Input on my Website

TOCExpertTOCExpert subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2006 in Website Critique
I have read some other comments on previous threads of a similar nature and would welcome the good and bad (don`t worry, you couldn`t hurt my feelings if you tried) about my site. It`s hand made and simple, but to the point. Thanks in advance for your time. The site is www.scientificbusinesssolutions.com</A>


  • MelissaMelissa subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi TOCExpert,
    I`m not one to typically pipe in on the website design stuff, but I thought I would pass on a piece of advice that I received recently (and have implemented) with respect to my site...  Again, I`m certainly not an expert in this sort of thing...
    Specifically, when I first got to your home page (and now I understand what my advisor was telling me) I saw a whole lotta text.  I`m sure it`s good stuff (mine was too!), but it may be a bit overwhelming for a first page.  Perhaps you could shorten it up, use some bullet points and make it a "quick read" that leaves someone wanting more so that they continue on to the other pages.
    My only other comment based upon my very quick glance was that I think you should definitely get your About Us page up and running as quick as possible.  I know this is one of the most important pages when I`m looking for a business to work with...
    I hope I`ve provided some insight that you can use...
  • MelissaMelissa subscriber Posts: 7
    Oh, hey!  I just noticed you`re from Littleton.  Awesome!
    I`m from Lamar, CO (way down there in the SE corner) originally and Colorado Springs more recently. 
  • hbt6872hbt6872 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    I did not like the website.
    I hope you can take my comments  (I do not write flowery), as constructive feedback!
    Your site "pukes" on visitors. Stop the Text!
    Questions that should be answered in less than 20 seconds (website)
    What is in it for me?
    What concerns, or challenges are you "fixing for me"
    What is your solution for my "pain, challenge"
    How can I receive more information "only if I choose"
    Is your website just a "company brochure", or can I get anything "done" for me and "my needs".
  • inetjasoninetjason subscriber Posts: 1
    The novel on your home page is your attempt to tell visitors everything you want them to know. Instead, you need to focus on what they - your visitors - want to know. What makes your customers feel like they`ve spent their money well after doing business with you?
    After reading your entire home page (normally I wouldn`t have read that much text, but since you`ve asked for an opinion, I felt obligated to read it ), I`ve concluded this what you`d do for me:
    Within 11 weeks, you`ll see a significant cash flow increase as a result of the reduced lead time that our hands-on TOC training delivers to manufacturing companies.
    What makes SBS different from traditional TOC:

    Designed for small manufacturing companies with limited time resources
    Minimal impact on management`s day-to-day responsibilities
    Hands-on implementation over 4-8 weeks
    We deliver bottom line improvements in 3 weeks
    Consider consolidating your home page content into a concise headline and a few bullet points like that above. After you`ve piqued the visitor`s interest, you can offer additional information. Make sure that your additional information is still concise, however.
    I don`t recall where I picked up this piece of advice (it may have been Seth Godin or perhaps Dr. Eric Schaffer from Human Factors International -- sorry gentlemen for not remembering), but I`ve rarely found myself unable to apply the rule to a client`s, as well as my own, first draft of website content:
    You should be able to reduce your first draft`s word count by 50% without changing your message.
    I`d venture to say that you could reduce your current home page word count by 50% and then run through again and further reduce it by another 50% without changing your message`s main points.
    That`s all I have time for now. Good luck!
    P.S. Here`s a nice example of a website that concisely tells the visitor what the product will do for him (or her):
  • rossbrossb subscriber Posts: 5

    but I`ve rarely found myself unable to apply the rule to a client`s, as well as my own, first draft of website content:
    You should be able to reduce your first draft`s word count by 50% without changing your message.This is a GREAT rule of thumb, thanks for sharing!R-
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