My Name is Max . my ID is Osix . i am from Singapore

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Ok  . Welcome and Thanks for clicking on My Tiny post . i`m  Turning 31 in a few days Which mean i am already 1/3 if not half into my possible Life span. on the early part of my life , i believe in almost anything and in myself . . i have great dream and great plan .. million of idea and million of hope .  Here my view , instead of going into what plan and great idea i assume i got . i rather help you or share my view with anyone who is interested in reading . if you got here so far , thanks you . i will try to keep it simple , but my command of english is limited so i will not be using much big words and pardon me for bad gammar  or spelling .  the world is full of people who want to do less .or rather do more vice versa .to define it . people wanting to do less will need help . and people who want to do more will need help . if you can solve his need you  got your money . you still reading ? like many people in this world , we want many thing . some want a car , some want a house , some just want a beautiful wife , some want to do notthing and surf porn whole day . or sit infront of the TV  and watch what the world is doing .  all this is just part of what we do .. hobby , job , task , some can be joke about some not , some can be spoken on dinning table some not . some can be share with people some not ,. everyone have some kinda of doing which will define You . over the years , i find out helping people or help provide can be rewarding . why do i say that . The world only get smarter each day  . smarter do not mean better , here one eg. to start with why i say help other will help you  in return if you help someone take care of his Dog you may get a treat  to possible10 usd an hour . if the market is selling a car  for 50k . and you know someone whom can let go at 40k . you will be on a rewarding side  or the buyer . and the seller will be please too . This is a great site .since is the first day i am here i do not know where it may lead me .. so to start off i would just wanna get to know  people .. new or old, young or old , fat or slim . man or woman alike , if yo are reading  we got one common goal .. to be successful . i hope you do .  i got bored with small biz plan and is alway bigging huge one . . but i guess big or small it all boil down to investment and chance . so sometime if you don`t sucess when you try . , it might be due to lack of fund or the chances is not right . DOn`t give up .  reward only come to those who keep trying and willing to SHARE . you may ask . what am i talking about and ya da ya da yada all over . well is just a Hello message . to say HELLO EVERYONE will be posting and getting to know more people here Max summer


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