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The Bottom Line

GamerGamer subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2007 in Startup Funding
I`m sure i`ll get into this more as I go along starting up my business but I just wanted to ask afew questions related to some things iv learned in the 10 steps to opening program.I am guessing the BP is a tool that is first used to help you get a loan or convince others that your idea will hold water... or money in most cases. What I`d like to know is if having a dergree in business makes any difference in getting a loan?Every time i`v got a lone they just asked what I need it for and checked my credit. I am going wanting to be the only owner.Does the quality of the BP have any impact on how good of a loan you can get or is it just going to go by my credit score?I was going over the angle investor video and wasnt really sure what they do. It sounded like it would be better to get a bank loan to me but I may just have been misunderstanding what was being said. This may be a question for them but If they are getting back 5-10 times the amout of money they put into it I would think a bank loan would be cheeper by far. Say I need 500k and the angle gets 10 times what the put in thats 5 million. Its not adding up to me so i`m thinking I got something mixed up. Even for a long term loan from a bank I couldnt see anyone willing to pay 4.5 million in intrest.What is the pluss for getting an angle investor over a bank loan?


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