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We Need Your Advice!

MovingUpMovingUp subscriber Posts: 9
edited September 2007 in Website Critique
My friend and I recently created this website http://helpwithyouressay.com/</A> 
1] What can we do to improve it?
2] The bottom line question - what are the different ways we can generate money from our site?
Any advice?
 MovingUp2007-9-3 11:3:22


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Your source code ..... needs some work. Too much extra stuff in it.Your main page ..... the blue links are practically unreadable with the dark background.Some of the images are links, some aren`t. But theres no way for anyone to know they`re links unless they mouseover them, so maybe a line like "Click an author for their essay information", or something like that, above the images would be helpful. When you do go into their pages, there is no menu displayed to get back to the main page, unless you realize that you have to scroll back up to find the menu again. Easy to get lost here. And the blue text with the dark red background is not easy to read.Some of your google links really seem out of place, like they are just plopped in anywhere to fill space.I would suggest building a template that is easy to read and with a consistent navigation menu and your adsense stuff in a spot that doesn`t interfere with the content, then create all your pages from that template. This keeps your pages more consistent and easier for visitors to get around your site. If they get frustrated or simply can`t read it, they won`t stick around.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi Moving Up!
    I would just suggest that the link colors be changed. It is a little difficult to read the blue links, and then when they are visited they turn purple which is even more difficult to read. I agree with webline, that you should have "click to read more" on those images. Also the adsense, maybe put it on right side or at the bottom.
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    joshchristyjoshchristy subscriber Posts: 2
    to subsidize your site you could look at a cpm advertising model through someone like https://direct.rightmedia.com/, you wouldn`t need users to click on the google ads for you to receive $$`sAs for the critique, it seems very scattered and not cohesive. Most people make a decision on the credibility of the site by the design and within the first 5 seconds. Perhaps look at sites like http://csszengarden.com/ -  for inspiration,  http://mashable.com/2007/07/28/web-development/  - for tools,  or http://designfloat.com/ - a community driven design site.
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    MovingUpMovingUp subscriber Posts: 9
    Thanks for the great advice! We will start making the changes asap.
    Currently we are working on our `product line`  - Still trying to figure this one out...
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    Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    I would try and tighten it up seems very spacey. Could utilize some frames integration.
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