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How & Where Can I get Advertisements on my New Website?

MovingUpMovingUp subscriber Posts: 9

Is is possible? Even though I have no traffic yet?
If it is possible - what sources would I use to have ads [aside from Google ads] on my site?


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Affiliate programs, but for many people they don`t do any good without a lot of traffic.
    Banner ads from other sites or businesses .... again, you need traffic.
    AdSense is probably the easiest to start with .... no investment to get started is a plus, and no current traffic isn`t a factor in starting it.

  • TexaderoTexadero subscriber Posts: 0
    You may want to invest the time into creating quality content for your website. If you don`t have any traffic, you won`t have any readers. If you don`t have any readers, it will be hard to recruit advertisers.
    I started out with Google Adsense on my site but only after I had some traffic. Text-Link-Ads.com may be another option you could explore.
  • Jaun22Jaun22 subscriber Posts: 0
    There tons of affiliate sites out there. as long as you have the knowledge to put them in the site you can find them.
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    Have you looked into Adbrite? I am using them and have had no problems. As far traffic goes they will place ads for you on your site based on traffic, as your traffic increases then the ads will get better. You can also set a "text link box" on your site through them. The box is an area for companies, small businesses, etc... to purchase text ads that will appear on your site for the price that you set. You have the option to approve the text ads before they appear on your site. The purchase can choose from 1 day, 7 day, or 30 day ad periods for the price that you set.Good Luck
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