construction contractor and a second business

dbcooperdbcooper subscriber Posts: 1
Hi, I`m currently a licensed landscape contractor with an LLC partnership in the state of oregon and was wondering if anyone knows of legal problems starting up a second business while the first one is pending dissolution? The first LLC partnership is dissolving starting the 13th of february but I`d like to keep on going and not miss any work. The current situation is involving partner problems in a 50/50 llc partnership entity, I am the only licensed specialty person, the partner will basically be looking for work when this LLC breaks up. Just wondering how legal it is to begin forming a new business while another is in process to split up? If the other partner had licensing I`d leave him to do whatever he pleases (like he does anyway) but as it stands I have to be the bad guy and have sought legal help. I`ll be asking my attorney about this but was hoping to find some answers before then. So far I have a good name, good work flow and stay above water but if I have to remain out of business while this dissolution is in process it is going to wipe me out and I`ll be turning away customers who call. Any advice is welcome.. Any construction/ contracting special advice is especially welcome.. Thank you! dbcooper2007-2-9 18:14:40
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