Need Guidance - How much ownership % to give to investor?

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I am in the process of purchasing a business for $500k.  Half of it will be financed by the current owner with the business as collateral.  I will put up $100 and will have a loan for $100.  The remaining $50k will be provided by the investor.  Is it fair to say that the investor should have 10% ownership, or 20% ownership?  Does it matter that he will be an out-of-state investor and won`t be involved in the day-to-day of the business like I will?
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    While the ultimate "fairness" answer is, of course, what the two of you can agree upon - the math is pretty straight forward. Since the purchase price sets the valuation at $500K - his $50,000 would represent 10% of the equity.
    Other important points include:

    how that is structured
    what he expects
    how he will receive his return on investment
    Robert Johnson
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