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New Website or Redesign, Consider This:

elisaelisa subscriber Posts: 1
If you are considering having a website designed for your company or maybe taking on the challenge yourself of designing a website for your company. It would be beneficial for you to read this article, http://www.startupnation.com/articles/9 ... ed-one.htm, if you haven’t done so already. Deciding to use a CMS platform may be the best choice you make for your online business.
Most CMS platforms are free.
Some come with free template designs (for a very professional look)
Easy and fast to update and maintain.
Software must be kept current or you run the risk of a hacked site.
Database driven sites are more complex, programming etc. should a coding problem arise.
If you need a customized look, you may want to consider getting a web designer for your project. Just make sure the web designer has experience designing in the CMS platform you are interested in using. Ask to see website’s that have been designed in that particular CMS. Ask if the presented sites’ layouts use pre-designed templates orcustom designed templates that were created by the web design company.
Good luck in your search!


  • fencingfencing subscriber Posts: 0
    Indeed, even the free WordPress blogging CMS can be twisted by a designer to work for almost any kind of website.  So easy to use, a major developer community creating updates and upgrades, and runs on almost any server.
  • nancywhitenancywhite subscriber Posts: 0
    I always use wordpress for my websites. I find it so easy to install that it almost seems unfair. =)
    But what I like the most is that if you know a little CSS you can completely change the look of your site. You don`t even have to know PHP or anything like that. I have basic xhtml + css skills, no coding knowledge, and I can do almost anything I want with a couple of free plugins and some css.
    The support community is also great, always helpful.
  • DonMinorDonMinor subscriber Posts: 0
    I have been made aware of a new hosting company, that my be of some help to you if you are going to try to redesign it yourself. It comes with a lot of perks in the package that most don't have, which could save you money in the long run.They offer help for set up and train on building websites and moving Traffic. They tell you how to build E-mail list to help you get started. Plus you can sell the service to others and make commissions from that too. This is the same place all the top marketers host their site like Stephen Pierce, Mike Filsaime's, Cheney's, Frank Bauer's and more. I like it so much I joined and I moving some of my site there.It, going to save me money it comes with Autoresponder, Easy Video Producer Video service, and Hot Conference, Unlimited Email accounts, MySQL databases Unlimited and lots more...

    If this is the road you are thinking of taking, I would look at this real hard. I's a great deal in so many ways. Also has great support 24/7 Video, text or voice.

    If your interested contact me and I will turn you on to them!

    To your success,
    Don Minor
    Don Minor.com
  • UpstackUpstack subscriber Posts: 0
    I would also consider putting some great custom design to whichever CMS backend you want to use. Have a look at our designers and some samples from in our portfolio.
    If you need graphic design try www.Upstack.com - The only way to hire freelance graphic designers. No more spec! - We invite only the best designers from around the world. No more spec! So this means happy designers for happy clients.
    Get graphic design, logo design, website design, UI design, print design, identity design, pretty much any type of graphic design. Get great quality without the ridiculous agency fees & overhead. www.Upstack.com

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