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vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
edited June 2006 in Thought Leadership
 On July 14th .. the big whale came in and ate the shark!!!
I don`t know what I`m doing.  I know that for all my life I`ve always wanted to work my own.  Not for them.
Part of me things this is a grand opportunity to start something and another part thinks its the worst time in the world!!
Have any of you started out on your as a result of a layoff?  My severance only lasts until October .. I`m not so sure what to do .. For years and years I`ve have a million six hundred seventy nine thousand eighty five ideas, but always too scared .. of everything!!
A part of me since I was a child always had the entreprenuer in me, but I`ve never had the encouragement nor the assistance to take that next step so fear strikes hard and often ..
I don`t know what I expect out there from you all, but just wanted to see if there were any brains to pick out there.


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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    My current situation is similar in some respects so I understand how you feel.

    My wife and I started our business earlier this year with the goal of
    me escaping from cubicle nation. She`s already working full time in the
    new business. My day job "working for the man" is developing software
    for an engineering consultancy with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

    Just last month we (the US programmers) were told our jobs would be
    going to eastern Europe effective the end of the year. My job for the
    rest of the year is to wrap up any programs currently in the works and
    to teach my European replacements how to do my job.

    Talk about mixed emotions.

    I see it as the company encouraging me to do what I wanted to do
    anyway. Now I have a firm deadline to do it. My goal is to kick butt
    (where can I get a pair of those ButtKicker shoes ) and get this business off the ground and flying by then.

    If you`re serious about going into business for yourself, I encourage you to go for it.

    If you do, you don`t have a day or a dollar to waste. Two books I recommend are (obviously) StartupNation:Open for Business and Bootstrapping your Business. There`s some overlap between them but I recommend reading both.

    It`s time to get over scared, pick an idea, get serious and get
    started. Don`t fall for any get rich quick schemes. You want a real

    You`ll find no better support group than the StartupNation community.
    Tell us about your background, your location, and some of your ideas.
    Be open to input and we`ll help you reach this goal. You may hear
    conflicting advice but a wise man once wrote, without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established. After considering the advice given, you choose your own path because you`re the one who has to walk it.

    The day may come when you`ll send your current employer a thank-you card for the favor they did you. I plan to.
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    sirseysirsey subscriber Posts: 0
    This is a lovely , very  thoughtful response.
    I am in a similar situation. I got laid off just now. I am in the international humanitarian field and I dont have a severance package since the grant did not provide for that. so now is the time for me to flesh out some ideas that i have had. This website is amazing.. I encourage you to soak up and read the reference links and do as they say: one step at a time..
    It has had an amazing calming effect  in the midst of my involuntary laid off. I am overseas right now, packing up my bags to come home and start the business plan.
    Good luck to you..
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Sorry to hear about your plight but stay positive as much as you can. The right attitude will get you on the right track. You`ve come to the right place - lots of people here to help. But first, start reading all of the written material made available here by the Sloan brothers. Start with reading about creating a Life Plan - at the link that follows. Then read the 10-step plan. Then read some more.
    Next, read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Don`t read it once. Read it over and over again and let his words, knowledge and experience sink in. He was fortunate to be associated with some of the greatest business people and leaders this country ever witnessed.
    As you have questions or ideas, throw them out to the SuN Nation - some great folks here with a lot of knowledge, experience, wit, and smiles.
    Good luck and you keep smiling. There`s a silver lining in every dark cloud. Things happen for a reason - just have to read the signs.
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    you`re already getting great support from these StartupNation community members.
    what i can add is a strong recommendation to start now by walking through Step 1 - Life Planning. It will pay dividends in the near and long term.
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    vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
    I want to say "thank you" to those who has responded .. did RICH SLOAN really put a reply on here?  That`s really him?  ... am I too awe struck?
    Anyway .. I`m taking a "I don`t wanna be here" break on my cube cell ..
    I will expound and bore you at a later time of as Steve says: "You`ll find no better support group than the StartupNation community. Tell us about your background, your location, and some of your ideas." .. I don`t have the time to now b/c I`m in cube jail .....  ....  I didn`t last night b/c I was posting @ 2 am
    I really do appreciate everyone`s help though!!
    That awfully twarped picture is the cover of my husband`s book which just came out march of 2006 .. he`s a broadcaster and announcer ... of the MANY things we plan on doing .. one of it is promoting his book more ...
    About this site? 
    I had asked my hubby to p/u some books @ the local library regarding business .. the first 2 pages I fell in love w/ this book I sat at the computer and just plunked startup...com w/o even knowing if that was the real address (i like shortcuts) and popped it appeared before my eyes!!
    Quickly I joined and voila here I am!!  I`m on page 135 .. I`m a very very slow reader .. the other day my husband said "oh pg 100" I know another book that has 100 pgs .. its umm .. This Side of the Mic .. ever heard of it (bad wife--I haven`t read it yet --- even though I Titled it and designed the cover  ) -- I felt convicted this morning when I was reading the Writer`s Market (?) book on promoting your book .. so it looks like my next reading is the only published work I`ve done
    Anyway role call .. I`ve got to go for now .. I`ll write more back later My BIGGEST hang up is getting organized I have TOOOOOOO many fires in the pan that I don`t know what to do nor where to start
    -- later
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    vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
    Well Well Well ...
    Other then a BIG hole in the ground!!
    I`ve JUST launched a business!!  I DID IT!!  Of course I have a partner .. but none the less ..
    Goodness virginia see how far I`ve come?
    Yesterday was the first day in launching this.  I`ve always wanted to do my own thing .. so now we hold our breath and see how this goes!!
    The concept of my business is a housing unit for advertising other people`s business.
    So come on in!! take a look around and feel free to get involved!!
    I`d appreciate any feed back!!
    You can place banner ads for your business for a very cheap price or if you`d like to make some other arrangements too let me know!!
    I`m extremely new in all of this and this is my first trial of opening an actual business so we`ll see how it goes!!
    PLEASE give me feedback and I`d LOVE to see your banners .. or even JOIN
    Show Me The Benjamins
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    hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    Saw your post. I think that you are only the beginning of what we will see all over the USA. I`m a former journalist/TV news reporter that has been writing for over 6 months for Buzzle.com about the Domino Effect from the Subprime fiasco. I predicted that it would start leading to layoffs. I would highly recommend that you look into what skills you can offer in Barter. I have been doing it for over 25 years very successfully. In fact, as I write this I`m helping a client get rid of over $20,000 barter dollars and turn it into cash. Does it work for me? How about no credit or debit card or check account for over two years and also only earning less than $1000 in cash in over 2 years!Yes, I did it for my new book coming out for using barter. If you would like a copy of this book in ebook form and would agree to give me feedback before it goes to the public I will send it to you.Hugh
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    vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
    Sure!!  I`d be happy to!!  When is the deadline?  I read a lil slow and busy gettin my site up .. my husband is a journalist and he may be more interested then me in reading it, but he`s solid booked busy until the end of October
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    hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    I will be glad to send it to you if you will email me at hugh009@gmail.com with Subject Heading: BarterWealth. It is not that long as it is all meat and no fluff!Hugh
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    vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
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