Student Desk

vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
I have NO CLUE .. as to the BEST spot for this .. so if moderators want to move it .. AS LONG AS ITS NOT in the trash ..... ...I WON`T be offended!!
I`m looking for a student desk for my daughter.
We have a room JUST for our home offices.
I have a desk
Hubby has a desk
Now I want one of those Student desks for my child the one where the table and chairs are JOINED ..
a little open hole to put her books ..
I`m planning on homeschooling her and we have a great spot that the desk SHOULD fit in .. I don`t know the dimensions of these so called desks .. does anyone know how I can find one?
I DON`T want to spend an arm and a leg and 1/2 tooth
i`d love to spend less then $20 but that may not be possible
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