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In the entertainment business

TheModifierTheModifier subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
Hi all,
Good to be here.  TheModifier2007-4-6 14:34:7


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    omupasomupas subscriber Posts: 7
    I think it`s great that you`ve found a business that suits you and have found something that you can plant your feet into.  Far too often, you hear about people who try all kinds of different businesses and never "find" success.  I think you found the missing link for you individually:
    "I`ve tried various other businesses as well and would always get discouraged for various reasons.  I guess I never really believed in the products or the companies that I was trying to endorse."
    A lot of times people aren`t successful in business ventures because either they don`t give their all or they abandon ship too soon.  Another reason, which I think is a larger reason, is that they do not have passion for what they do.  I was always told that having a J-O-B was simpling doing work, and having a career was making money doing something you loved.
    I wish you all the best with your business venture.  I`m sure you`ll do great, given your knowledge of the entertainment industry and knowledge and passion for the digital world.
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    RumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin subscriber Posts: 1
    I could be entirely wrong (not the first...) but it seems as thought the HYPE is the only HOOK with all of these GROUNDBREAKING internet enterprises. It doesn`t take long before they are saturated; therfore, standardized/common.
    Take a look at www.cafepress.com</A> . Sure, open your own store (among millions). Create and sell your own designs (among 10`s of millions). Certainly these types of place offer something: " A MERE SENSE, HINT, CRUMB, or MODICUM OF SELF CONTROL, and a  TASTE OF INDIVIDUALITY & EXPRESSION$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Pennies at a time.
    Where is the BUSINESS opportunity... (not for you). It`s for whoever is SELLING...$... Hope...$...Individuality...$...Hope...$...Individuality...$. ..MYSPACE!...MYSPACE!
    The modern day CHARLATAN has been invented (re-invented). Yes! I am jaded and cynical.
     Rumpelstiltskin2007-4-6 13:47:10
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    TheModifierTheModifier subscriber Posts: 1
    Fair enough.  It appears that in my zeal for this business I certainly oversold and did not represent correctly.  For this I apologize.
    Thanks for the honest replies.TheModifier2007-4-6 14:23:48
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... I would like to hear about your biz since I missed the 12 paragraphs too. Can you do it without selling or commercializing it? Or, try doing something with your SuN profile! iouone22007-4-6 21:7:38
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    TheModifierTheModifier subscriber Posts: 1
    I sent you a message iounone2...without the over-bearing pitch.  I looked at your site by the way.  Looks like some nice stuff you got there. 
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