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How We Are Beating Up The Recession

iyazamiyazam subscriber Posts: 33
edited January 2009 in Marketing
Recently my partner and I launched our new service site after months of blogging .
As we launched our business about two weeks ago - we decided that we would ignore all of this talk about the recession and focus on marketing our new business. We created some very simple tactics for our marketing campaign:
1) Generate leads - Our first goal was to let as many people as possible know about our business. Yes it was a little painful to call and call....  On the phone we asked if we could send an email explaining about what we do.
2) Follow up - We waited till the next day and then we sent follow-up emails to all of our prospects from day one. We continued doing this for the rest of the week.
3) Social media - This was our secret weapon. After we contacted so many people we figured that why not look for them on Linkedin and Facebook and simply add them to our network!  This way people can see that we are actually real people, and not just marketing robots.  Within our Facebook and Linkedin networks we make sure to create lots of value for our people by sharing quality information that will help others grow in their business.
Well to make a long story short: Two weeks later (today) we closed with three new clients! All within a few hours!
I have come to learn over the past two weeks that - people have money, the money didnt just vanish  However they have fear ..and lots of it. So the real question is how can you develop a marketing message that will speak to the heart, a marketing message that will understand your prospect. You want clients? Good, understand what they are going through, be human. Make sure your services are affordable and make sure you have the best customer service.


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