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To Ebay Or Not to Ebay?[Did I miss the boat?]

EranAvitalEranAvital subscriber Posts: 11
edited March 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
I could be wrong but it seems to me that in order to be a good seller on Ebay - I should of started selling at least five years ago.
Is that true? Is there place for the new kid on the block like me?
EranAvital.com Jewelry!


  • Hi EranAvital!
    There is always room for improvements on Ebay.  If the little guy isn`t on there people are FORCED to buy from a HUGE store.  Sometimes it`s better to market as an individual than a business to get your ratings going and gradually add a store front and return customers.  People love to watch companies grow.  It makes them feel part of their success.  How cool is it to say, "I was one of Starbuck`s first customers!"?
    It is said that people do not want to be sold, but they LOVE to buy.  If I am planning on spending a lot of money, I want a guarantee and a company.  For a much smaller amount of money, I just want the best deal money can buy.
    Good luck!
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... You could also see yourself as being lucky. In the beginning days of eBay you could have quite your day job and begun selling on ebay. After earning good profits, and thinking you had a future, eBay changed it`s pricing structure. Soon you may have found yourself squeezed out by fees.It`s never too late to start a biz. It`s just a matter of doing what you love.
  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    Ebay fee`s based on selling price.....
    So now days you see a Cadillac being sold for $5.00 with Shipping costs of $80,000
    Ya just gotta love the creative mind!
  • JariJari subscriber Posts: 0
    Agree!  Great to get your product out there and your name.  Doing some Ebay now might be good to develop new clientele and potential repeat customers.  Depends on what is being sold though and making sure you get your profit in the end.  I believe there`s too many people on there to overlook (international folks too).   Ebay can link you up with one or two BIG customers and then it pays for itself in the end.  Happened to me.  One customer that was spending over $300 a month on my stuff for a few months.   Maybe helps a website get more hits... ??
  • smeedoosmeedoo subscriber Posts: 1
    EranAvital,I don`t think it is too late to start.  Check out the May issue of Entrepreneur magazine.  The issue is "Hot Tips from Ebay Millionaires."  I was amazed that many of the featured sellers started their ebay business as late as 2003-2004 selling such "hard-to-find" items like DVDs and used sports equipment.  It is never to late to get into the game.  How many search engines were there when Google got into the game?  I think Google and Yahoo had their video sites set up before YouTube got into the game. 
    smeedoo2007-4-25 21:2:45
  • LizardWisdomLizardWisdom subscriber Posts: 0
    It definitely is not too late to start selling on eBay. The key is to find products to sell that fit the following criteria:You are selling a unique product that doesn`t have a huge amount of competition.You are able to sell a product at a high enough price point to give you enough net profit to make it worth your while.Your supplier of this product is not easy to find. Once people see something is selling well, they will try to sell it themselves. If the product is hard to come by, then they will hopefully give up and go sell DVDs or electronics.
    It is never too late to start selling on eBay. However, you cannot sell commodities that everybody else is selling. Be smart about what you sell and you can be successful!LIzardWisdom10/15/2007 10:54 PM
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