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Dubli.com - Anyone Hear Of It?

EranAvitalEranAvital subscriber Posts: 11
edited March 2007 in Sales
Lately, I have been seeing advertisments for this new site that recently launched - http://dubli.com/</A> 
I am looking for other tracks to run besides Ebay,
 Anyone have any experience with this site?
EranAvital.com Jewelry!EranAvital2007-3-11 16:12:22


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    European site, very ebayish logo.....that is bad. the xmas banner has to go. Do they have any info on sales or vistor stats for you to look at?
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    EranAvitalEranAvital subscriber Posts: 11
    I called someone yesterday to find out more about this site, here is what he told me: These are people who are upset with ebay for always raising the prices. On Ebay you can only post in English, on Dubli.com its any language you want. On Dubli you only pay if you make a sale. They also have a network marketing division that if you bring in others to sell and they make sales you get a commission.
    Dubli basically copied the concept of Ebay with a few small changes.
    After doing some research it seems that there is more traffic of sellers then buyers on Dubli.com. Kind of like Craigslist, msn expo,usfreeads... Everyone is selling... no one is buying.
    EranAvital.com Jewelry!
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    dublidubli subscriber Posts: 1
        Here are more information on Dubli auctions.http://thespinfactor.com/thetruth/2008/ ... plex-scam/dubli7/5/2009 10:07 AM
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    dublidubli subscriber Posts: 1

       Can anybody show and PROVE to me a better business ?

     What people have to know BEFORE spending money to join any  MLM  ( Network Marketing, referral marketing....etc )  company ,  treat it as a BUSINESS and  it will pay YOU $$$$$$$$...........LEARN...... before you  JOIN  !  Learn for FREE....read on

      1)  Study the Pay plan and try to explain to a friend  HOW  You will get to the TOP payout position with this company, should be max 3 -5 people.

      2)  Choose YOUR sponsor very careful and put Your Sponsor to WORK for YOU,  if he just joined a company and has no idea how can he help YOU ?  ( The BLIND  is LEADING the BLIND )

      3)  Do NOT fall in LOVE with the product and try to SELL products as told by all companies.   Use the product as a business tool to feel better, have more energy, be more productive.....etc.

     4)  The SECRET  KEY  in MLM  is DUPLICATION  (not to clone ) of a system.

      Any questions, e-mail or call  1-888-476-9256

    dubli7/5/2009 10:09 AM
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    MrwizardMrwizard subscriber Posts: 0
    All right everybody HOLD ON!!!!
      Dubli is here and it`s going to be huge!
    If you havent already go to
    Watch the webinar and get informed.
    We have two live calls every day except sunday.   Dont kick the tires,   start the fires and lets get busy!!!
    Dubli is going to be bigger then anything you`ve ever seen.
    When your ready, call me (559) 790-8365 and Ill make it happen with you.
    BradMrwizard9/11/2008 5:34 PM
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    VPDubliVPDubli subscriber Posts: 0
    I did a lot of research on this company and think it has the potential to be hugely successful.
    They are launching their U.S. Site on October the 4th. Lowest bid wins! crazy idea but everytime someone spends a "Dubli credit" to see what the current price is on the  product, it drives the price down by .025 cents. Imagine if you have 100`s of people clicking on the "View Price" for a particular product they are interesnted in; the price of that product can be driven down to some great deals!
    For more information go to  http://www.getyourplanb.com
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    michellemariamichellemaria subscriber Posts: 0

    Well, I love Dubli.com!! 
    Try it out, you get 3 free credits for registering.  I have a rep that I use, his # is 841053.  Type that in the registration screen. 
    His phone number is 559-908-3741, Jack Tolmosoff.  I called and told him I found this blog so he is aware of what I am typing. 
    Today I found the Martha Stewart Cook book!!  It sells for $42 and now I am doing a bid to get it lower than that.  I am hooked, lots of you will be too.  It has grown just in the last few weeks. 

    Good Luck
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    abmarinoabmarino subscriber Posts: 0
    DubLi just could be the next big thing to sweep the internet.  Three exciting reverse auctions will keep the fun going while you shop the global shopping portal earning free credits to play back at the auctions.  You`ve never seen a platform like this! Right now DubLi is looking for licensees to get the word out the general public by simply showing people the site. In turn, licensees will earn money on credits used, purchases made through the shopping portal and click through fees from the 500 affiliate stores including amazon.com, Toys R Us, Macy`s.  
     DubLi has been testing this never before seen business module in Europe for the past 2 years with astounding results.  It already has a track record.   Please contact me for more information.  You can only purchase a license from a licensee. I would like to direct you to the next free webinar so you can get the facts for yourself and decide if this is something that would interest you or not.  I will send you free credits to get on and try out the auctions on me just for watching.  Amy MarinoIndependent Representative of DubLiwww.dubli.com/4736512www.dublinetwork.com/4736512

    abmarino3/17/2009 11:37 PM
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    dublidubli subscriber Posts: 1
     Are you looking for a business to promote ?  Watch the results  http://per2000.blogspot.com/and apply at  http://discount-marketing.com/Florida-Opportunity.html  Good luck  Alfred
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    JackieNJackieN subscriber Posts: 0
    Okay -- this is a LONG post so you may need a strong cup of coffee . This is the first time I have ever posted on a forum like this but, after reading everyone`s comments I felt compelled to explain and clarify some things and that can`t be done in just a few paragraphs. 

    First, relative to the company logo and name...
    The founder of DubLi, Michael Hansen, is Danish and began his career working for Legos. (In Denmark that is a very prestigious and sought after company to work for -- Michael was on the team responsible for introducing the Star Wars series to Legos). DubLi`s name derived from the name of one of the blocks in Legos called a `Duplo` -- and the colors are those used for Lego blocks.
    Like many who have become involved with this company, I found out about it through someone I have known for many years. My neighbor is one of the first people to come on board for the US launch prior to the site even going live. He was brought on by Tom Ashlock, the #2 guy for North America. This is a real opportunity to be a part of an up and coming ecommerce giant that is already sweeping across Europe since it`s partial launch (just one auction) in 2006 in a couple of countries to the simultaneous launch across the European Union in July of 2008. They have ramped up to over 2.3M customers in Europe. 

    What is important for people to understand is that these `reverse auctions` are an exciting way to get people to the site. They can get amazing deals on brand new, full-warranty, top-name products. However, there is much more to this -- DubLi will drive those customers using the auctions to a Shopping Portal where they can shop in a `virtual` Mall of over 500 vendors from retail stores like Neiman Marcus to airlines, restaurants, etc. This component of the shopping portal is launching this month. They will also be able to shop for anything they want to purchase online through a Shopping Search Engine that will launch in 6-8 months and is currently up and running on the European site.
    This is no different than eBay attracting customers with their traditional auctions, Amazon did the same things with books -- Google provided searches -- but they all steered their customers to a shopping portal where they can buy anything they need online. DubLi is bringing something new, exciting, and extremely valuable to its customers -- the opportunity to buy great products at significantly reduced prices. When those customers use their shopping portal -- DubLi will reward them with free bid credits for the auctions and when they introduce the site to others they will also get credits. 
    Those of us who are obtaining licenses are essentially acting as DubLi`s marketing arm to help them rapidly build a customer base through word-of-mouth -- viral marketing. It has become the fastest way to promote a product and demonstrated over and over again online with Facebook, My Space, Linked In, and all the other social and business networking sites. Michael Hansen recognized this as an incredible opportunity to build that customer base by employing just a snippet of the traditional `network marketing` business model. Rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising methods that are no longer effective with DVR, Tivo, etc. he has opted to funnel that money into commissions to pay licensed reps for bringing in the customers. Sort of a `if you build it, they will come` with the added assitance of licensed reps spreading the word. However, the key difference between DubLi`s business model and the `network marketing` scenario is this is mostly `customer-driven` versus focused on bringing more people in on the business side. In Europe, they discovered that for every new customer who registered (at no cost) on the site -- they brought five more customers in the first 90 days. When you do the math you can see how fast that customer base multiplies.
    DubLi independent reps are paid a commission every time one of their referred customers does anything on the site from the auctions to the Mall to the Search Engine -- every aspect of their site activity results in commissions paid to the licensed rep who brought them to the site. It doesn`t stop there -- every person those people refer and all the people those others refer -- they are all considered direct customers of the rep and that goes on into infinity as people continue to spread the word. In Europe, 2.3M customers (and growing) are tied to approximately 16,000 licensed reps -- that is an incredible ratio and why this is such a strong financial residual income opportunity for those of us coming in early on. There will be opportunity for others to obtain licenses further down the road but as DubLi becomes more known it will be tougher for a rep to find people who are not already registered as customers through another rep who recognized the future potential at the beginning. You can become a licensed rep and do nothing but introduce people to the site (easily done through DubLi`s soon-to-be-released new technology tool). Or, you can do what I am doing and opt to sponsor others in on the business side to duplicate your efforts and increase your residual earnings. You can earn additional commission by doing this but it is your smallest piece of your total income -- referring back to the customer-driven aspect of this.
    There is much more I can share with you and I would love the opportunity to do so. I am part of a very strong team with a connection to some folks at the top of the US launch. All licensed reps come into the business through a current rep. I am seeking other entrepreneurial-spirited individuals to join my team and would love to speak with you if you are interested in further exploring becoming a part of this. Please call me at 303-915-7959 and we can talk direct.
    At the very least -- I would love for you to register as a customer (at no cost) www.dubli.com/4158519 -- and I will send you a voucher number so you can redeem some free credits to use for bidding in the auctions. If you decide you want to join my team we can easily transfer you to the business side later.    

    PS: I am attending DubL`s first US national conference April 4-5 in Phoenix where there are going to be some very exciting announcements. Also, Dr. Charles W. King -- Professor at University of Illinois and author of `The New Professionals` has joined with DubLi to head up their training academy and development of all training tools. Google him to see his credentials.  



    JackieN4/1/2009 3:53 AM
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