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Frustration in growing an accounting firm

romeorichardsromeorichards subscriber Posts: 1
Hi Guys,There's always biggest frustration in relation to growing a business. Even in accounting firm, accountants have their own frustration when it comes to growing their businesses. Some accountants feel that the hardest part in growing a law firm is finding clients. Some other accountants feel that they are difficult to keep old clients - almost all clients just come to the accounting firm for one time only and not coming back anymore.*What is your biggest frustration in relation to growing your accounting firm? For corporate lawyers who plan to start your own accounting firm, what is your biggest frustration to start your own law firm?Please share.Thank YouRegards,Romeo


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    MicroBiz12MicroBiz12 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    I do not own an accounting firm but I worked for an accounting firm that had just started. The main frustration was completing assignments. Some assignments would drag on simply because the client was not forthcoming with information or in some cases we had no clue what was going on in the business.
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    LucretiaAshLucretiaAsh subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Sir/Ma'am

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    yazminbarajasyazminbarajas subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    We all know that accounting is not that easy so we know that frustration is gonna be a part of it forever. In growing an accounting firm or an accounting outsourcing firm (ie. helpful source) is not that easy because as romeorichards says clients just come and go and never come back for another shot for the firm's service. I think the quality of work can change this and also the communication between both parties.
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    davidpaul99davidpaul99 subscriber Posts: 3
    Accounting firm should be handled well because retaining the present is clients is more easier than acquiring the new customers so we should plan a strategy how to make the customers loyal for our accounting services so that they donot prefer for churning.
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