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Advertising a Service Related Business

HenryRHenryR subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Grab Bag
I have a question for all of you that may seem to be a simple one for some. A few months ago, I had a lot more questions, but I have overcome and met most of them. I have a service related business specializing in tax work, (this year was my second one here), providing bus. advice for start-up`s to indiv. interested in it, billing/bookkeeping as well, and computer designing of advertising materials and other things. (These are all things I am really interested in too).
I have just graduated college with an Accounting/Bus. Admin. degree, and have only training in that one area, which is also my concern. With jobs being slow, and bookkeeping advertising seeming to be not much openly done, I am trying to figure how to approach it.
I also would like to gain more experience in the bookkeeping area by landing any kind of work in this new field, but am having trouble finding that first job of any type. Even though I demonstated my knowledge with a "With Honors, 3.6 degree", that does not mean much to others. This is one of the reasons I have wanted to start my own business, to be able to show experience to others, as well as wanting to be able to do this kind of work on my own. But I am now wondering if stating I work on my own is not such a good thing to do for those small firms who only want a part time bookkeeper. Any thoughts on this?   Thanks, HenryRHenryR2007-6-3 23:43:25


  • HenryRHenryR subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your post. I have personally found much of what you say to be true, sadly enough. I did like some of the insights you had as well. What you have said is much of the same reason I felt the need to start my own firm. And as to the Accountemp`s position, I talked with them about their needs for workers, and they told me 1-2 previous years of service BEFORE I can talk with them.
    As to the other poster, thanks for your thots, but most of those thoughts were questions I had already posed, and the other were thots I have already found out. But I really do thank you for responding so quickly though.  Henry
  • HenryRHenryR subscriber Posts: 1
    Cross Country,
    I have already started my tax service and am looking to start the rest of my business as well. Your comments are exactly what I have in mind. I also like the ideas Craig has thot of as well.
    If you don`t mind, how did you land your first account? I have been to your website and enjoyed exploring it. I even bookmarked it. So, I know you have been doing this for a few years. I have recently found a formula for prices for a service related firms, and implimented it. But I was wondering about those firms you do work for on a continual basis. Do you just charge a flat fee, or a percentage of their total monthly totals given you, (like 10% up to a certain point). These are for those very small businesses, like a lawn service firm I send bills out for and keep the books on. It is really a hobby business, there are only three customers the client has. I have a set up fee to start a Quick Books account for them, and just bill, record account info, reconcile records and such like thru-out the year. How would you handle that kind of thing?
    Thanks for anything you can provide on this public forum. Between you and Craig, I have gotten or seen some good ideas, and also seen I am not that off base with what I have been thinking. HenryR
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    My advice is to specialize. I know first hand that home improvement contractors(painters, roofers,landscapers, etc) need your services. Most (from my own experience) are lousy at keeping records . If you can offer them something that saves them time and makes tax time easier, you can probably make a go at it.
  • HenryRHenryR subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks, I have been spending the last few months thinking about the things I can really offer, and how to let it be known. Your suggestions along with a few others are a great help.
    I know some people in the fields you mentioned and thought that that is a good place to probably start to target my ads to. I will have to give it some thought how I can apply my "nitch" to their needs.
    I now am in the process of becoming an authorized IRS e-filer, and to start offering true e-filing and RAL agreements to clients next season. Thank again for the help. If you ever need an opinion or research help let me know.  Henry
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