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Looking for more than $25,000

hbt6872hbt6872 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited November 2006 in Growth Funding
Is there a site like prosper, but for larger loans?


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I am not aware of a site like prosper for larger amounts.
    How much are you looking to acquire?
    Robert Johnson
  • hbt6872hbt6872 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    We have 6 stores, and we would like to payoff exisiting high interest leases, for one of our stores that has been open for  12 months.
    The math finally works to offer the leasing company a buyout.
    There are four leases totaling $175,00, but they are all seperate leases, so my request could be for only $25,000 to pay off one, or the $50,000 to pay off two, I can break it up into smaller pieces.
    I ran an ad in our local paper highlighting $50,000 needed secured by equipment 12% return, established business 3 years...and only had one call.
    I might try it again, but for a larger dollar amount to attract a different level of investor.  
    Can you place an ad on prosper for your LLC, utilizing your ein # ? Can you have more than one prosper loan?
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I would suggest talking with asset lenders to determine what kind of support they can offer. If the equipment value will provide enough collateral - this should be pretty straight forward.
    Robert Johnson
  • hbt6872hbt6872 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    I have been researching Leaseback options. Has anyone worked with someone good in this form of financing?
  • skylinemortgagegroupskylinemortgagegroup subscriber Posts: 0

    Skyline Mortgage Group20 Merton Industrial ParkJubilee Way WimbledonLondon SW19 3WL+44 70111 46574
    Dear Sir,
    We write in respect to your advert on the web requesting for loan.If you are still yet to actualise your request,please feel free to contact us back.We are a financial Organization based in the United Kingdom.We can give you the loan amount being requested if our terms are acceptable to you.
    We are a reputable money lending organization based in the UK.Our interest rate is 3% and our loan terns are favourable.No Credit checks!! No Collateral Needed.
    Contact us for more details.
    John Henry

  • hbt6872hbt6872 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    No credit checks? Please explain how this works. I am a little skeptical.
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