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help protecting our idea and help with original companys patents

BandosRcBandosRc subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2009 in Protecting Your Ideas
well i am into nitro powered remote controll cars and am handy with modifying and creating them and have an idea that i am sharing with another rc hobbyist i know. we are going to produce scale (1:10th or 1:8th scale) petrol powered models of production model cars, the new thing is that they will have amazing detail, be as realistic as possible and be affordable, the current price of this kindof car at the moment is several thousand pounds (some pay 5thousand just for the engines!) and there are no comercially produced remote controll vehicles anything like this in the world, we would try to sell the base model for 500-600pounds and the high end models for upto 1000pound. me and my partner are going to go 60/40 with funding, ideas etc and although it will cost possibly hundreds of thousands to setup in the first place it is our dream and once the setup costs of machinary are overcome we have looked into it and it will be relatively cheap to produce the cars and we can make a good profit on the cars (which will become a range) and the initial costs could be paid off within 4-5years. the problem is that the first car we wish to scale down is a Ford Escort RS Cosworth and we are unsure of how to go about it becuase we are not sure if we need permission off ford/cosworth or not?it has taken us months to find out which tools we need etc and we have lots of experiance so theres no problem there
the only problem is do i need to patent it? i have only given a rough idea but it is much more complicated than i have stated but we are not sure if we need permission of ford, cosworth etc??? and how can i protect our ideas from other people copying it as in RC theres alot of chinese companies making knock offs of the more well known brands by making moulds! how can i stop this so that if it happens we can take them to court?


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