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New Caribbean website and forum needs critique

CaribsomCaribsom subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2008 in Website Critique
Hi everybody. I am not new to Startupnation, just using a new user name to go along with this website. This site is dedicated to Caribbean travel and life. The Caribbean is one of my passions and I wanted to create a site geared towards it. I have used forums to gather travel information in the past. I wanted to create an unbiased site/forum for Caribbean travelers to participate or use to reserach for an upcoming trip etc... The site is sill not complete, the store is not set up and it is still pretty bare bones but it just launched and I wanted to get some feedback. The forum is set up so please check that out also and if you feel inspired write a quick post. I honestly do not know much about forums but I feel that it is going to be tough to get it started. Once the ball starts rolling I feel it will be easier. If you have any suggestions on driving traffic to the Caribsom forum I woul dgreatly appreciate it. I have not yet set up keywords or meta tags but that is in the works. If you have a chance please sign up for the forum, you will not be harrased with mails or anything I just want to try to get the ball rolling. Thanks fo rall your help!






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    AdsMasterAdsMaster subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Caribsom,I am from the carribean (Puerto Rico) and I like the idea behind your site and the information that you have about each island. I think the Front Page needs to have some better content telling me what the site is all about. At my first glance I was kind of confused with the wide menu on the left. It`s kind of distracting me from the center where the content is.Good Luck!
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    CaribsomCaribsom subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for he feedback. After looking at the page again the toolbard is oversized. Just takes an outsiders view. I will also work on making the fron page more appealing with more info on the site. It still has a long way to go and missing a lot of the key components. This is more of a hobby for me so it is taking longer then it should since I am just getting into my busy season with my other business. If you have anything you want to share about Peurto Rico please post it in the forum http://forum.caribsom.com and it would be much appreciated. Again thanks for the feedback!
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    annpopeannpope subscriber Posts: 0
    Caribbean blue book helps the islanders to connect to the people of same view and opinions which will help them grow their business.
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