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GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2009 in Veterans
When someone asked General George Marshall if he had a secret weapon, the General replied: "Yes, the best damn kids in the world".
As our nation fights the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and our men and women in uniform continue to serve their country on the front lines, it would be wise for us, as a nation, to remember the sacrifice and courage of our service men and women.
As Hollywood actors like Tim Robbins continues to call on Congress to cut-off funding for our troops in an effort to bring them home sooner, we need to turn a deaf ear to the Hollywood elite and the rhetoric of peace-sign wearing politicians and allow our military the room to do their job.
For all of the debate regarding the war, the one issue not up for debate is the responsibility of the American people to get behind their troops and to do their part to support their efforts.
Our soldiers are the pride of our country and her history. Our national history belongs to the countless military men and women who have given their lives for the United States and the preservation of liberty and those who will do so in the future.
While we debate economics and spending inside the Washington beltway, and while we debate the current conflicts, we can all agree that whether we are entrepreneurs, consumers or Joe the Plumber, we all owe our liberty and the opportunities that come with it to our soldiers.
Without the volunteer force America has today, our nation would never survive the evils of tyranny and religious fundamentalism.
As the world keeps a close eye on Iranian nuclear proliferation, and the antics of North Korea continue to dominate foreign policy concerns, we are still a nation at war. We are a nation indebted to our men and women in uniform, past and present.
There is much the American citizen can do to reach out with some display of support, gratitude and appreciation for the service of our soldiers.
Those who have died have done so in a war that has taken the battlefront away from our backyards and communities and centralized it where the enemy continues to plot America`s death.
We can continue to debate the merits of the war. But the purpose of this post is to remind our corporate, entrepreneurial and business leaders that we can do more to help those who defend us with their lives.
So many of you have done so and others will continue to do so. As we do our part, let us rest assured that we do so for the love of country and the appreciation we all feel for the service of America`s Best...THE BEST DAMN KIDS IN THE WORLD.
Will Griffith, Chairman


  • GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
    Well said, our Resident-Master-of-Reason & Common Sense! You, Mr. Landes sum it all up well. Bravo Craig! Bravo!
    Will Griffith
    PS. RUN, CRAIG, RUN! Bring America Back!
  • GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
    Well, you can always shed the term"politician" and utilize the term "citizen leader".
    Craig, thank you for the Patriot Guard Riders link. We added them to the Homeland TV ticker. A great, patriotic group of people.
    Thanks again for highlighting them and bringing them to our attention.
    Will Griffith
  • GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
    Thank you Janie for your comments, and for supporting our troops as you do. There is so much the private sector can do to boost the morale of our men and women in uniform, and it is AMERICANS LIKE YOU who make all the difference in the world for our kids...THE BEST DAMN KIDS IN THE WORLD.
    Thank you for following us on Twitter. Because my wife and I (and our children) are total jerky-addicts, we are headed to check out your site today.
    Will, Aly and the kids
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Will,
    Bob Layte here with as you may have guessed, a different view. A couple of things in your post are a bit frightening, if not turning the clock back 40 years. First we as Americans have the right to question dishonest propoganda by our own government. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing that is not open for debate, lest we go backwards in time to students being shot on American campuses for peaceful demonstration and Tricky Dick lying to us with impunity. To suggest that I or anyone else has not the moral or legal right to question the corrupt politicos who lied to the United nations, Congress, and the American people about WMD`s in Iraq( our pretense for going there and bringing the terrorist to follow us) is almost tyrannical and certainly not what brave men and woman fought for in all our conflicts throughout history. You certainly are entitled to your far right opinions and your blind faith but please do not try and perpetrate that myth on other thinking Americans.
    Best regards,
    Bob Layte
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Craig and nice to meet you sir. Something you might have missed. There were no terrorist in Iraq until the US got there. There was an evil dictater who would no sooner have terrorist rule his contry than let the Americans in. It`s a point worth pondering when we are saddened by our losses in Iraq. The fact is most of our American forces killed to date were killed by terrorist, not Iraqi army regulars. The Iraqi`s quit in less than a month. We brought terrorism to Iraq because they hate us and will fight us on any muslim ground. Why did we not put all our resources into finding Bin Laden? Is it because the Bushes and Bin Ladens share a freindship as well as having done business with each other in the past? Why were the bin Ladens wisked quitely out of the U.S. almost immediately? So many questions.
    Bob Layte
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Craig and thank you for your warm welcome. The terrorist issue is based on known intelligence from the U.S. and Israel  who had been keeping a close eye on Saddam for years. It is also reasonable to accept the belief that a dictater such as Saddam would not tolerate any challenge to his ultimate authority. The question comes to mind is this: was there less violence in Iraq before we arrived? Most would say that while Saddams reign of terror was most certainly violent, it does not come close to the deaths we are seeing now. To be sure, I whole heartedly agree on the idea that we have become so seperated and distrusting in our leadership that it has resulted in partisan bickering and very rigded party lines, which is not a good thing. The two party( or more) system was designed for healthy debate, which would be a good thing. Sadly, it has broken down to kindergarten antics from both sides. It was a pleasure talking with you craig and I appreciate the points you brought up.
    Bob Layte
  • GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
    Gentlemen, first, allow me to say that healthy debate and the exchange of ideas is the element that makes our country unique and gave birth to our nation. You all represent the American ideal in that regard.
    With regard to one`s questioning of the government, I believe it to be our highest duty to do so. I believe that we must question and watch closely the activities of our government. Our lack or desire to do so in the past has contributed to the current climate.
    With regard to the violence in Iraq, there is always more violence in a time of war. Germany was "peaceful" and there was less violence in Germany (unless, of course you were a Jew) than there was until the allied invasion. But make no mistake, our efforts in Iraq were clearly designed to centralize a threat that knew no borders. Afghanistan as well. We had to develop a strategy that would bring Al Qaeda and the Taliban to a centralized front, and this we achieved. Of course there was less violence, but for who and at what cost.
    With regard to the two party system, it has become stagnate to the point that one can scarce determine the differences between Republican and Democrat. Instead they have become a system of elitists who will do just about anything to maintain power, influence and pad their pockets.
    It is a shame that our men and women in uniform often find themselves in the middle of partisan bickering and debate when they, indeed, sacrifice their lives for a cause greater than themselves. This has been the sad reality since the start of this nation.
    The War in Iraq will be debated for generations to come. The threat of state sponsored terrorism continues to be a concern for American foreign policy and while North Korea and Iran are the current hot topics of intelligence and global security concern, they are by no means the last. We have not heard the last from Syria, and surely others in the region, who will continue to sponsor terrorism and tout their rhetoric to blow Israel off the face of the earth.
    Where ever there are governments and organizations created by men, the inevitable elements of corruption, terror, violence and tyranny exist. Our country is no less immune, which is why questioning our government and its policies is not simply a good thing...it is a duty of every citizen to do so.
    Our men and women in uniform are the best damn kids in the world. For whatever ills currently plague our country, and for all of the negatives we face in the economic and political life of our nation, our soldiers are the one element upon which our nation has always been able to rely.
    Gentlemen, those of you who joined this discussion could teach Washington a thing or two about healthy dialogue, the differences of opinion and how to communicate those differences in clear, open and well-intentioned terms.
    It is always a pleasure to listen, to read your posts and to see the familiar faces and names in our round table here. While we may find ourselves differing with one another on policy, we do so with passion, honest expression and the realization that in the final analysis we all do so as Americans.
    Will Griffithhttp://www.griffithcorp.com/GriffithCorp4/8/2009 6:13 PM
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Craig,
    Good to hear from you. I worry that gentleman such as yourself and Will think I am trying to be antagonistic. I really am not. But if the Bush administration actually found WMD`s would"nt they have screamed that to the heavens as vindication for thier actions? I truly understand your philosophy on the party lines, and agree with much of what you said. There are many naive extremists on both sides. I fear you are correct when you say we may never know the full truth about anything, and that is truly sad for our country.
    Warm regards,
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Craig,
    fair enough sir, and I enjoyed the give and take of our discussion. Happy Easter to you and yours.
  • rfrobbyrfrobby subscriber Posts: 0
    Happy Easter to you and your family Will,
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