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GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
edited January 2009 in Thought Leadership
The question has been asked time and time again. What is success? The answers to that question can be as varied and diverse as the business world itself.
If one is talking about financial success, this question, of course, is answered in profits and numbers. If the question  is asked about one`s personal life, many of us answer the question of success through our families, our partners, our children and our friendships.
Success in any form is an evolutionary process. It requires more than a MBA or text-book formulas and more often than not has required failure as a main ingredient to our eventual and evolving success.
Regardless of the business in which you find yourself engaged, I think you will agree that we all experience the elements of this evolutionary process. Our circumstances and stations in life and business may be different in scope, but we have all experienced set-backs, we all make mistakes in our entrepreneurial journey and we all have the possibility of failure lingering at our doorsteps.
To address success, failure can not be ignored. As we see Wall Street in a downward spiral and the talk of stimulus and bailouts a constant fixture of Washington dialogue, it becomes easy to forget the elements of true success. Integrity, responsibility and faith in our respective visions and ventures are the very foundations for true success. We seem to have lost something important in these times when it comes to entrepreneurial freedom and spirit...`The Freedom to Fail`.
Our technological advances over the last century alone would have never been realized without the entrepreneurs and dreamers who made mistakes and experienced failure. Failure, for most of the great innovators and brilliant minds of invention, was a key element to the eventual success of their efforts.
As we continue to exchange dialogue and ideas on how to climb from the abyss of uncertain economic times, and for those who may find themselves discouraged by set-backs and hard times in their respective ventures, let us always remember the evolution of success and the journey by which many of us reach it. Let us never fear the possibility of failure, nor the mistakes we`ll make along the way. Indeed, these elements, as difficult as they are to face, often bring forth the success of one`s vision and the making of history.
Simply...NEVER GIVE UP in your quest.
If you go to bed at night and awake the next morning as energetic and as enthusiastic as you were the night before to accomplish that which you have set out to accomplish, success is on the horizon. We can then stop asking IF we will succeed, but WHEN.
Will Griffith
The Griffith Corporation


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