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How to get more website visibility.....FREE!

googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
edited August 2008 in Marketing
Most new business people are looking for FREE ways to market their products and services. As a professional marketer I get the question all the time..."What are some FREE ways to get people to my website. Here are a couple of ideas for you to try.
1. Google base (Froogle). This is a wonderful tool for FREE listings of products and services. Best of all, it allows you to also be found ( In some cases) in the natural Google results page, when people search for your product or service. It will also allow you to post without a website. Don`t expect huge traffic numbers but, hey its free!!

Link to Google Base


2. Google Maps. This is great for a "brick and mortar" type business, but can be used by anyone with a business address. Like anything with the big G, not the easiest listing to post. Be prepared to phone verify your listing. This can be very beneficial if you are on the first page of Google for your product or service. Definately worth every minute you spend scratching your head!

Link to Google Maps

https://www.google.com/accounts/Service ... n-US&gl=US

2. Craigslist. I know, I know, nothing but people looking for CHEAP stuff. This is not always true. Especially good if you are a professional...... attorney, doctor, specialist or Contractor. One key is to add a link to your website. Craigslist also accepts standard HTML, so you can create a good looking ad if you know how. If you don`t know HTML here is the code to add a link to your website in HTML.
<a href="http://YOURWEBSITEADDRESS.com" rel="nofollow">YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS AGAIN</a>

Link to Craigslist


3. Kijiji.com. Weird name, I know. This is simply a portal that allows you to post in as many headings and in as many cities as you choose. Similar to Craigslist, they just want content bad. Take advantage of it and list everywhere. They have been spending some money on television and radio advertising, check them out.

Link to Kijiji


4. Kudzu.com. Run by the powerful Cox Communications Group. This site has been gaining momentum and allows you to list your business for free. Not the easiest listing process (may require a phone verification), but worth the effort. Make sure to have happy customers list reviews of your business or service. This helps with search results.
Link to Kudzu


These are just a few examples worth checking out. There are many others including blogs and news sites. I will try and post them from time to time.
Hope you found this helpful and.......GO GET IT!!!!!!
googleguy8/3/2008 12:02 AM


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