Trademark Help Please

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For arguments sake, lets say there is an active trademark for the words "Lame Duck".  They sell pictures of lame duck presidents.
And I am planning to call my LLC "Lame Duck Enterprises LLC".  And I would like to create a brand and logo.   The logo will be of a duck with a broken leg and perhaps somewhere in the logo the words "Lame Duck".  My business would be an online service on how to take care of injured ducks.
Is there trademark infringement on my part?  Could I use "Lame Duck" since both businesses have nothing in common whatsoever?  or do I have to change it up for my logo and maybe add a word or phrase, "Lame Duck Doctors", "Lame Duck Services" etc...
Is the LLC name infringing on the active trademark?
Any input would be appreciated.


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