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Effective company promotion for fresh company???Help needet ...

gorankoleznikgorankoleznik subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2008 in Marketing
Hi all,
Im about to start a new insurance agency in area where lives 100.000 people in 10 smaller towns. Compettition is huge but my advantage is that i sell (or represent) insurance company with cheapest(and quality) insurance products.
There is only 4 representatives for this company in area and they are not doing any serious work there.
I allready own an office at well known market center. But as a newcomer i would like to make arround 10.000 flyers to give them arround, and put an add on local TV...
how to design an attractive flyer to promote company and get new clients. Should it be special targetted.I would need at least 40 new clients/month. That is 4% flyer add succsess.Is that possible(realistic)? How to get the most out from this type of advertisement? Should i write on that im looking for people, companiers to work with me?
What words work the best and attract clients to buy (or call)the product, i don`t want to have ugly and non-professional flyer. What to put on and what don`t put on flyer??
My greatest advantages are: Cheapest autoinsurance, cheapest business packets and best(quality) home insurance, fast problem solving, well known insurance company, first in the area with office, advertisement...marketing team.
My disadvantages:Competition monopol, low starting budget.
TNX to all


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    gorankoleznikgorankoleznik subscriber Posts: 2
    Hmm...Hey but tell me what are your experiences with this kind of promotion? What did you use and how did you tested it. Did u use some kind a reward...how this affect on client?
    I would print out ...like 1/3 of one type of flyer and so on...
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    gorankoleznikgorankoleznik subscriber Posts: 2


    i was just thinking that
    Well porpouse of flyer is to let people arround area know that i`m here and to deliver me 40 clients per month. But as i said...i need the most efective way that people will know for me.
    Flyer is for my budget the best way(other types of advertizing costs a twice or even three times more) and i don`t want to spend too much for advertizing ...good productsalesmanserviceclient relations advertizes by itself.
    The next step is to establish a web page, for clients, allso to work 60% of sales online. I perfectly understand you.
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