Suburbs of NYC - Musican`s Rehearsal Studio

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Hello everyone,
So I am a musician in a band who regularly practices by visiting my local rehearsal studio at least once a week.  I used to rehearse in a Parsippany, NJ studio until I moved to Belleville, NJ.  Before I moved, I realized that there are really not that many rehearsal studios out there.  In fact, I may have to commute about 25 minutes to the studio that I went to before the move.  With so few locations, there must be a high demand for practice space.  Not many parents or home owners want loud music blasting through their house and annoying their neighbors.  So on I went to list the over-head, which really isn`t much.  Obviously sound-proofing and providing equipment in each room that is adequate for a standard-sized band would be a start.  I guess I`ll phrase a question by asking whether anyone out there has ever worked or owned...or owns a rehearsal studio.  If so, do you have any pointers?  Thanks!!
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