Still Planning and Looking for help!

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Hi all, I am a disabled vet who has more bad daqys than good but I have decided i want to run a e-commerce sales business from home so that I can put as many hours in as i see fit. I know the business i want, I have vast knowledge of the product I want to sell as I am a collector and it is something that atm is not readily available in Canada yet.
I have started my business plan and have come to a stumbling block as far as market research goes. I see companies offering research for 800 and up for a little bit of info.
Anyone recommend a business plan developer that would take installments as I will submit for a grant to have plan done.
Also, for marketing, do i create a website on Go-daddy and have it linked to e-bay or do I need 2 websites,
Any help folks could throw my way would be appreciated. I look forward to reading the words of some well informed people on this site.
Oh, I would need a start-up capital of only about 6000. 1k for incorporation and license, 5k for start-up stock.
Need to find funding.
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