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hello, this may be a little long but looking for advice, 
my line of work is hot rods, antiques, race cars and monster trucks,  i have persoanlly been working on cars for over 25 years,  most of the 25 years had been out of my backyard garage, and i had built up a large client base, along with 2 class winning cars at last years detroit autorama
i decided to actually do something with this business and went out and opened up a formal shop, with a partner,  i have been very succesful and my client base has doubled in size,  we have been open just over 1 1/2 years, everything was done legit, we are an S corp company, if that helps,
i am in the process of buying out my partner ( for personal reasons) and need investors in order to do so,  i have 3 investors that would like contribute money, sort of like an angel investor,  i am going to set it up like a stock option,  i will still retain 51% of company stock, but need investors to purchase a certain amount of stock in order for me to continue operations...all have agreed to invest for the needed amount
my question is,  i would like to make some sort of presentation in order for me to tell my investors what i am proposing and what they can get in return,  they are not asking for a business plan,  just some sort of presentation,  profits will be paid out on a per share basis probably annually
is there any type of format or examples i could follow for this type of presentation
glennzglennz2006-10-21 20:36:42
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