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College Laundry Service Site

GIJoeGIJoe subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2009 in Website Critique
This is the first website and business I have ever started. www.sbulaundry.com
Id appreciate any and all input on anything.
Anything you think I should add, take off or do differently?
Traffic is going to be generated primarily by MySpace and flyers, its meant only to service a specific area at the moment and advertised by word of mouth so Im not to worried about SEO. Thanks.
BTW, I did this using Yahoo Web Hosting and Small Business Services. I was going to use a pro, but he wanted $400 and I just don`t know if thats worth it for something that may not work out. If all goes well this semester, I plan on having a pro redo it.
The only problem I think I have is the order process. I would like to be able to take an order and take payment online. I just dont know how to create an order form. I looked at PayPal and I can accept credit cards with them, but I also need to get all of the information located on the Order.Doc.doc on the Sign Me Up! page. Any help?GIJoe12/4/2007 7:00 PM


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    ThousandnaireThousandnaire subscriber Posts: 0
    I think the website looks pretty good.  You included some humor, which is always good.  The homepage displays exactly what the students would want to know and that`s basically the prices.  Have you tried to communicate with the Residence Hall Dean or anyone who basically has input with putting students in dorms? 
    I really can`t be of any help dealing with the payment options but I think you did a good job for this being your first website and business ever.  Do you have a service or plan in which some students just want a few things washed and returned to them within about 2 days?
    I`m actually in the process of starting my own college laundry service.  Good Luck!
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    sbuckinghamssbuckinghams subscriber Posts: 9
    is it just me, or is anyone else having problems seeing your site? - www.sbulaundry.com
    sbuckinghams1/17/2009 4:45 PM
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    That post is from 2007 .... I`m guessing it`s no longer online.
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