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Looking for feedback on my logo and tagline.

bodytherapybodytherapy subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in Marketing
I`ve been inspired by all the great feedback to other posts that I thought I would try it myself.  I`m looking for my logo to appeal to the active senior community.  I`m focusing my marketing efforts on individual active seniors and retirement communities.
I`m in the design process now and have 4 prospects I`d like to get your thoughts on one or all of them.  I`m already leaning to two of them but would like your opinions.
http://www.startupnation.com/pages/comm ... 1275#image
Here`s my 10 word sales pitch too:
Corrective Therapeutic Services for the Active Senior Community.
Than you!! Genevabodytherapy8/26/2008 4:10 PM


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    bodytherapybodytherapy subscriber Posts: 1
    Hmm...how do I post a link to my image from my profile imagegallery?
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    diddlehilldiddlehill subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, I`m partial to B and D for your logo.  I like your tagline, but I`m not an expert.  Hope this helps.
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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    Geneva -
    A very nice selection of logo treatments.  I`m partial to the simplicity of A.  The flower next the bud conveys a very positive image of growth and I like how the icon, type treatment and tagline form a very tight, clean, easy-to-read and memorable identity.
    - J.
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    LisaLLisaL subscriber Posts: 0
    I particularly like A and D. I do, however, have some concerns that the font used for "reenergizing body therapy" is going to be too hard to read for aging eyes (especially when the logo is sized down).
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Very neat logos, love the font!! I like D then A.. Very cool. it reminds me of bloom supermarkets that we have here in VA. It is spelled differently but they are big on organics and healthy living. Very cool. The tagline is nice and short.. to the point- great for branding your company.
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    bodytherapybodytherapy subscriber Posts: 1
    Love the comments and I`ve taken them into consideration. I`ve made a decision and will be tweaking based on your comments here. Keep the opinions coming!! If anything they will help with my branding.  Because although the logo is a big part of the brand there is still lots to be done.  I`ll post again with a final draft in both color and two-tone with a modified 10 word pitch as well.  Thank you for the support.  Look for me in a few days. 
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