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Is it time to teach others what i do for a price?

SkipTraceGuySkipTraceGuy subscriber Posts: 2
I have a business that I currently make 6 figures at yearly have been doing so for the past 10 years. My question is should I continue to run my business as it is or should I try to put what i do into books & manuals & cd`s and sale my Idea to the public for say $1,999.00 or maybe more or less i don`t know yet. Antoher question is how much money do you charge someone for an idea that could make them possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars? Exspecailly if you can prove that you have been doing it for a long time.
thanks in advance to all who reply to this post!
Basically it`s kind of like Carlton sheets, continue to make money buying & selling real estate himself or sale the "how to`s" to the public & make millions that way, what do you all think? 
Just a little info on what I do, I work from home part time mostly on the computer, I mail out letters and provide a service to those who respond, it`s a great business that anyone can do from anywhere, I just want to make more money but i dont want to hire employees.
Thanks in advance to all who reply to this post!


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    KerryJSKerryJS subscriber Posts: 0
    Why not do both?
    While you`re running your current business, start working on a booklet that you could offer out to your current customers. See what the response is, maybe offer it as a free gift for those who have used your services. In return you may ask them to email or mail you what they thought of it.
    THink about your clientele. You may want to develop two (or more) sets of materials, one for other people in your industry, one for clients with no prior experience.
    You don`t need to do one or the other, you can start incorporating a new level to your business. Try something out, see what happens. This will give you some insight into what will work well and what might. The worst that happens is you write a booklet that doesn`t sell to well, but then you might be able to break the booklet into seperate sections and offer it to an association magazine in your industry that will pay you to publish. Marketing as well as income.
    The best way of finding if something will work is trying it, then adapting what you discover in the process and adjusting so that each time you do something you get closer to the results you`re aiming for.
    KerryKerryJS7/23/2008 8:31 PM
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    SkipTraceGuySkipTraceGuy subscriber Posts: 2
    does anyone know if its better to sale alot of small things for low dollars or sale a few for high dollars?
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Congratulations!!!! I would encourage you to go for it - charge for your service. Apply to conduct a workshop or host a seminar at one of the Community Colleges, The Learning Annex, or any similar venue that hosts these kinds of opportunities.
    Here`s to continued success!!
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    SkipTraceGuySkipTraceGuy subscriber Posts: 2
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    bellapriabellapria subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree with Kerry.  do both
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