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ChallengeUrselfChallengeUrself subscriber Posts: 6
Dear All,
I know building a website or a blog can be overwhelming especially for the beginners like me but that is where passion and desire come picture!!
Well, I have been working towards building my website (for initial stages I am rather going with a blog) but it seems like you never can be ready/perfect before you launch (publish) your website!! Long back (~2 months) I prepared couple of pages for my website (which i could now make into few posts) and then I got caught up with the technical part- web designing, blog publishing knowledge etc --- i was sort of doing my home work! And now I have again started focusing on my content/posts, blog planning etc but it feels like my preparation would never end.
So at what point would you say, I am ready now to launch my website/blog? (I understand its difficult to have a one size fits all answer to my question and also that I will be the best person to answer that based on how confident i feel about it --- however, insight from experienced members will be greatly helpful!) Or At point should I say its enough, I am ready to go for it??
Also, for a blog, I assume first few blogs will be very important to make your visitors --repeat visitors. So how would you decide which post topic should go first ? These are sort of simple questions, but r immensely important for me--as i have been thinking abt it alot --and now i just think someone else`s perception would help!!
Any other insights?


  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I have a very similar mindset that you do. I often want things to be "perfect" before finally launching. To be honest, I`m actually relieved to hear im not the only person thinking this way.
    The problem is, you will NEVER have a perfect site, or store, or anything. Your biggest and best improvements will occur after you launch. You will learn the most then and be able to make more educated decisions about what needs to be changed on your site. This is because you have more data to support your decisions.
    So to answer your question, it sounds like if you haven`t start already, do it now. You can always adjust what you have done later.
    To answer your blog question, having consistently good blog posts will bring back repeat visitors. So you should ALWAYS focus on putting out good content. Your first few articles probably wont have any greater weight than your future postings. In fact, they may even carry less weight.
    Good luck!
  • ChallengeUrselfChallengeUrself subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks alot everyone for your precious insight!!! It did give me more encouragement to "just do it" (as you all meant)!!
    Another question-- has anyone tried to use wordpress.org (I researched wordpress.com and wordpress.org)? I am planning to go with wordpress.org as I will be using google adsense. How was your experience in using wordpress.org ? Any tips or tricks while using it?
    Thanks again,
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Wordpress is a good program to use. There are a whole bunch of themes/templates so you can have a great looking site immediately.
    You should install a few plugins that help limit spamming of your blog, add social networking links, and others that may fit depending upon your site and needs.
    Also, make sure you set up "update services" which let other people know you`ve updated your site/blog.
    vwebworld3/5/2009 6:10 AM
  • ChallengeUrselfChallengeUrself subscriber Posts: 6
    Hey Roland, Thanks for your insight!! I would definitely explore the plugin stuf
    Also, if you are using wordpress.org, how much did you have to invest? (for webhosting, basic plugins as you suggested)
    On wordpress.org website-- they mention its free but you got to pay for webhosting etc, right !!
    Which is the best webhost to use?
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    WordPress and the plugins and even most templates are free.
    My web hosting which supports WP and has a free install feature is $7.95/mo or $82.92 per year.
  • banzaibertbanzaibert subscriber Posts: 0
    When you have enough content in it, you can launch it. Have people critique your site also. And for your blogs, you can arrange it by date.
  • discusshubdiscusshub subscriber Posts: 0
    at 100 USD investment will be required
    30 USD for Hosting + domain.
    35 USD for a good theme
    20 USD for plugins
    the rest may be used for traffic building & link exchange
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