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buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2012 in Website Critique
Hi all,
I am George, co-founder of Buzzmart.com
I came here to tell you guys about a new social marketplace we have
launched. We know the internet is saturated with new auction websites
and eshops but we truly believe we have come up with something unique
you guys will like. So give us a try and put your first 10 listings for
sale free of charge. We need your support, so start selling today by signing-up!
Your feedback and suggestions are most important to us, so please
tell us the good, the bad, the ugly and whatever comes to mind.

More information available at www.buzzmart.com


  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
    I really appreciate your comments. We still have a long way to go until we see real success and a lot of challenges to hurdle. However, we are working hard on fixing up our design a bit and bringing out some new features. So stay tuned! Thank you very much!

  • bouquetsbouquets subscriber Posts: 0
    Very pretty site. However, at first I thought the top bar was navigational (the faces and icons). You may want to put some rollovers there to give information to visitors,
  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
    thank you very much! I will look into your suggestion, everybody's input is important to us. In the next month we are doing a big update to the design and adding some new cool features, so stay tuned and support your young entrepreneurs (as I like to call myself) by telling your friends and their friends to join us and show some support as well.
  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1

    Buzzmart's new updates are here!
    Facebook connect, notifications, Google maps, new design, reshaped
    forums and many more still to come! Check them out www.buzzmart.com or join our facebook group. Thanks all for your support and suggestions!

  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi all! Hope everyone had a great New Year and Holiday season. I know it has
    been a while but trust me the team and I have been very busy. Just wanted to inform you guys that we have updated our marketplace with
    a neat micro-blogging feature that allows our users to interact,
    promote and request products from Buzzmart and other marketplaces. We
    would really like your opinions on this new function which can be found
    as soon as you log into Buzzmart and is called "My Network". Looking
    forward to everyone's replies. Take care!
  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
    We were hoping to get a bit of feedback and criticism from the users on
    these boards regarding our new marketplace. We would love to hear your
    opinions, be it good or bad, just don't be mean Also, we have tweaked our design a bit so tell us if you like it.
  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Guys!We know it has been quiet for some time, but there is a really good reason for that.For the last 2 months we have been working hard day and night to improve our marketplace platform by offering you all some great new features you guys asked for.Here they are:1) eBay listing and feedback import tool: You can now import all your live eBay listings directly into Buzzmart with just a few simple clicks.2) Google Checkout: Sellers can now accept Google Checkout as an optional payment option.3) Live chat: Now you can chat to all online sellers without them having to be on your friends list beforehand.4) Interactive faq with Q&A facility.5) Additional check out cart functions.6) Improvements to existing functions and design tweaks.If you have any questions or concerns about these latest changes then please feel free to contact us post your question in the help desk forum.Thank you and we hope our platform will bring you lots of success.Kind regards,The Buzzmart Team...you can read about us in our new About Us page.
  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi all, Just a quick update to all your eBay Powersellers out there, eBay has increased our daily callback limit to 1.5million requests a day. This means for all your who want to import your eBay inventory into Buzzmart do not need to wait in a queue anymore for your items to be imported. We have also improved the entire eBay import process so definitely come check it out if you want to start selling without being nickel and dimed with listing fees.
  • buzzmartbuzzmart subscriber Posts: 1
  • drekentaidrekentai subscriber Posts: 0
    This is quite an interesting idea - mixing social networking with sales. I do like the implementation of vast payment methods. I did find that the 'buy' now is a little too subtle to notice right away, when viewing items in a category.
    One thing I would suggest is to maybe thin out the site a little. For a fixed width, the required resolution to view without scrolling is fairly large.
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