Site Review - Part 2 (

fmapapfmapap subscriber Posts: 8
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In response to feedback I got from the last post to this forum we have re-released our site</A>
We`d love to hear your feedback about if the site draws you in, and even more interesting would be what you get from our site in terms of `what makes us different and helpful`....
I appreciate all comments!


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I like the simplicity of it..clean and fresh. It was easy to register and when i typed in my zip nothing was found, so I typed in a zip I had when i lived in NY and tons of suggestions came up within 20 miles. Very cool and cute!
  • fmapapfmapap subscriber Posts: 8
    Yea, NY is where I`m from so thats where most of the content is.
    Did you `get` the whole personalizes suggestion concept?  I`m curious if our messaging is clear.
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