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help growing business!?

onieboyonieboy subscriber Posts: 2

ie, im francis from the ph... i found startupnation a great and interesting site.... im a small business owner running business by myself(with the help of my mom and dad:) im in this business for almost 4 years already but growing my business is a hardthing for me to do.. really i been doing business for 4 years but until now im still coping for the sales to just break even with my expenses..... im seeking for assistant( hope startup nation can help me:)  my bussiness is cellphones parts and accessories a retail kind of business...  actually its doing well, if only i dont have the whole family to shoulder but the sad thing is I DO.....  i have this plan of mine to do wholesaling or distributing the products in a lot of store here in our area. or even exporting it a lot of lending or banks would grant me money because im a good payee... actually they treasure me.. but i dont want to just loan...... its a debt that i have to pay what if i my plan was not a success..... what if i dont have the thing to market the product...... what i need is an expert advise do i need to seek people to market my product.? or i just need a marketing company to market my product??? im just no good in marketing.... how can i grow my business with the less risk....

thank you  


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    LouiseKLouiseK subscriber Posts: 0
    Francis, unfortunately, there will always be risk when dealing with running your own business. It cannot be avoided. But have confidence in yourself and determination in your intentions. Subscribe to James Brausch`s newsletter for a lot of great ideas and marketing tools. He also has some great software, but while you`re on a tight budget, at least sign up for the free information. Come to think of it, he has some trial softwares with a free download. Best of luck to you!
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