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Just Think About it?

First - I`m Jason Fontaine with 3 little kids and not much money. I have 2 college degrees and if I had a penny for every idea - well, maybe I would be on some island somewhere - sound familiar?
I`ll begin by asking you to simply e-mail me to ensure this is a real person and what not....just say hello - I`ll get back to you.Here`s my plan. It`s simple. It`s easy. And, I think it will work - it`s done marginally o.k. - but most people cannot understand what I`m doing - here it goes.Most, if not all public forums, contain debate after debate with many good thoughts about many subjects. I have 2 pictures - messages that are 8x10. Let`s spread these "messages" across the forums. The pictures represent Life and Acceptance. Any forum you go to will have numerous topics regarding these issues.On acceptance - any subject dealing with this matter in any form - simply state:"Thug Bugs give Hugs!" http://web.mac.com/jasonfontaine(from the tiniest of seed grows the mightiest of tree!)On Life - how many abortion forums can there be? What do they accomplish? Not much other than argument and debate. Next time you`re on one - simply state:"The egg`s NOT dead!" http://web.mac.com/jasonfontaine(from the tiniest of seed grows the mightiest of tree!)It doesn`t really matter if you believe in said subject matter. My  business model is to determine if anything of substance can possibly come from forums other than blind arguments.With all of your help, as stated above - I really believe this could happen.Who knows? At least a message will get across....who knows...Try it out - and drop me a line....Peace to all of you and Good luck to you!http://web.mac.com/jasonfontaineJason


  • JasonFontaineJasonFontaine subscriber Posts: 3
    Yes! Thank God....and Thank You. 
    Nothing definitive has really come from the discussion in forums other than headaches!It has to mean more -and this is an experiment on a grand scale - but it could revolutionize forums if a way is discovered without appearing to be spam.Any suggestions - help - would be appreciated on going about doing this.If I can assist you in any way - just let me know....Thanks.And remember,The Egg`s NOT dead!Thug Bugs give Hugs!:)http://web.mac.com/jasonfontaine
  • JasonFontaineJasonFontaine subscriber Posts: 3
    The positive message. The design of forums is based on discussion. What gets done? Not much except arguing.
    These are messages of acceptance and life. While many don`t agree with the life message - it`s again, the purpose of spreading a "viral" message with something tangible at the end - an 8x10 picture. I`d like to see how many of these "messages", 8x10 pictures representing acceptance/life I could get in proximity to the user`s computer as a message to themselves that they supported something on one of these forums.It`s hard to explain - I`m sorry. But, it`s a market that`s teeming with possibilities. Could you help? Just simply go to a forum, when a argument gets nasty - send a thug bug hug (with link)Do you see any possibilities? It`s a long shot for sure - but it`s worth it....
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    jason.. your picture is scaring me a little.. maybe brighten it up a bit.. and then I can read your posts.. I hate scary stuff..
  • winnowinno subscriber Posts: 4
    sorry but this is a pretty terrible, gimmicky idea.
  • JasonFontaineJasonFontaine subscriber Posts: 3
    Of course, coming from someone without a picture id and a "gimmicky" name - what would you expect?
    Positive messages - my friend. Try it out. Positivity. Your negativity is typical of most forums - old, tried and true!Now, smile and give yourself a Thug Bug Hug!
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