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Model Rocketry Website

flyemhighrocketsflyemhighrockets subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in Website Critique
Hello everyone thanks for your time. I started selling model rockets on the internet about 3 years ago. I have flown model rockets for 20 years. I started my company because while I was just flying I had to keep going to many different company`s to get several different rockets, so I cam up with the idea of providing a lot of the different rocketry on one site. I have been pleasantly surprised on how the site has been doing, but there is no such thing as inprovment, so thats why I welcome any opinions anyone may have on my website. I have done all the work myself the website is over 500 pages, so it took me forever to build no really probably 2 months off and on to build. I build the site to try to educate any new comers to rocketry as well as hold the attention of the advance rocketry as well. Because of this I have rocketry information, rocketry videos, how to get started, and much more. I also design the site to sell model rockets and parts with ease. So once again thanks for your time on my site and I really look forward to all of your opinions.

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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    The menu text is a little hard to read (small text). Changing the font to Ariel might help... a more plain font.
    I would be better not to open a new browser window for the products.
    While the security info is good to show, I would move it from the top of the page (above your products) to the side below the menu or bottom of the page.
    The images are ok, some of the product images are rather small when looking at the product pages.
    I agree, you should reorganize your menu to list fewer items.
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    flyemhighrocketsflyemhighrockets subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks guys for your time on reviewing my site and thanks for the great ideas. The godaddy website tonight limits me from doing allot of things thats mention. I really liked the idea about the scroll over button to show the products and then the buttons would show sub menus. Thats a great idea. Also I want to have the security button on the navigation bar also but website tonight will not let me do this as well as put tabs on the top of the website. I want to change to a regular hosting so I can build the website on my desktop then I can use these great ideas I was given but because the website is so many pages i have not had time to start over again. Thanks once again I will use these great ideas one way or another. Please keep them communing.
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    In addition to my much more experienced friends who already helped....I hate crawling text.  It looks quite amateurish and adds nothing to the page.  The same goes for the visitor counter.  Get rid of it and use something like Googles free site analytics to gather data on your visitors.I agree that your thumbnail images suck.  It looks like you took the otherwise good resolution images that you used in the product details and shrunk the hell out of it, then enlarged it in the browser.  Lots of pixellation.  Finally, I picked one paragraph at random:They are made of thick 22 gauge wire for maxim power. The clips are
    copper with flat ends for better grip onto the igniters wires they can
    be clean with fine grit sandpaper. The clips are clamped and soldered
    with no lead solider for better connections and maxim power. The two
    contact ends that leads to the launch controller are solder to prevent
    loose stands and loss of power for the launch controller to the
    engines. All leads wire are solder and joined together and heat shrink
    wrapped to keep out dust and water to keep the cluster whips lasting a
    long time.The Leeds wire are then solder into two wire for better
    handling and easier control when hooking up to the launch
    controller. All cluster whips are check for continuity and breakage in
    circuit before being shipped. They measure 20 in. long from copper clip
    to joint is 10 in.This is so full of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors that if it is typical of the rest of the site, then you seriously need a proofreader.
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    flyemhighrocketsflyemhighrockets subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for taking the time to review the site I will use the proofread idea and lose the scrolling text. Thanks once again for your time and your imput.
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