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FameWordFameWord subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
Hey everyone,
I just launched my latest endeavo: FameWord.com. FameWord allows anyone to sign up and start contributing content. You can setup a page and add material to it in a matter of minutes, but here`s the twist... there are two different types of pages that you can set up:Open page - a free page, BUT it is open to be edited by anyone.Closed page - a page that costs a one time fee of $10 (for the first 1000 pages), AND so it can only be edited by the owner.
For those of you who just want to have some fun and write an article here or there then an open page will do the job. But some of you may want to maximize profits using the site, and that`s cool since you can purchase a Closed Page (e.g. a big keyword like Ecommerce) and promote your material on the site, place adverts on your page and eventually sell the page.
Anyway, have a look and feel free to give it a test drive.


  • WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    Following with what CampSteve said;
    As far as first impression the website looks very well done. Professional, clean and simple. It makes me feel like you`ve been doing this for awhile already... up to the point where I see the amount of articles you have. This I think is your primary goal: Get a way to increase your article count 10-50 fold.
    My suggestion, either invest in cheap article writers or offer something unique to spark users to write for you free.
    Have you thoroughly researched your market for this type of service? Are there any websites out there doing something similar? Have you planned how you will stand out and be different?
    I truly think that Web 2.0 startups like this are both a curse and a blessing of the web. They inspire innovation and creativity that benefits the rest of us. However they also fail more often than not. Posting on SUN was definitely a step in the right direction. Don`t be afraid of change.
    Here are some key points/questions:What is your mission statement? Clear and concisely, what is the site`s goal, unique proposition, and strategy for getting there. I have the feeling FameWorld has something along with it, but the homepage should make it clear.Have you looked into the legal conditions for selling other`s content? The buying of `open` pages seems a little scary to me unless you have it all worked out in the agreements people fall into when registering.Have you worked out all the user management procedures you will run into? Trolls, Hackers/Crackers, Spammers, etc. I see you can`t edit an open page without having an account.Although you may not want to think about it now, but later down the road when you have a successful website. What is your plan to deal with search engines if they `blacklist` your closed page`s links. Thereby destroying the value of buying pages on your site because its the same mal-practice of buying links.
    Some minor suggestions:Remove the pages hosted counter at the top of the page until you have over a few thousand articles. If someone visits your site and notices that, they will probably leave thinking its not worth it.I see little value in making a page early on, without a clear incentive. Maybe a historical record of the first thousand pages? Unless the page is promoted differently, making a page first versus a year or two from now makes no difference. yet.Why not create an ad-revenue sharing model with users. They receive a portion of profits for any article they contribute within. I think there just needs be something new and different compared to lets say wikipedia.
    In summary:
    Focus your site to explain why its different and why visitors should use it.
    Use that along with a contributor campaign of some sort to jump start contributions and traffic.
    Listen to feedback from places like SuN but more importantly from your own site. Your users are your business now.
    Best of luck
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