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Overseas Enterpreneurs -- Doing Business in the USA

eyemangaeyemanga subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
I hope enterpreneurs here have a sense of internalionalizm, extend help to overseas enterpreneurs not American. Im really fired up with doing business in the US after listening to Start-up Nation Podcast and reading several books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Im from China, my business would be selling local things to Chinese in the US thru ecommerce. The things will be in china and delivered in china. The value added to that is I made the things sold locally available online in the US. I have a sister who has American passport who I thought would register LLC for me in the US sorta dummy owner, but I`ll be the one to run the business from cross the pacific. What sorrta problems i might encounter with this situation (web security, legal, taxation, etc)? Since the items never really reach US soils (only the payment), how am i taxed?  Or is there a better way to do this business?


  • eyemangaeyemanga subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for this "Startup Nation is conceptual, not geographic". Im in the right place. I appreciate it.Many chinese people in the US send money to there relatives in china. I dont know if the Italians or Scottish do that but we (most chinese) remain concern for our relatives. My sister still sends things or money to china. These money will be used to buy goods for the family in china. However sometimes the money sent is misused. So instead of sending money, they pay for the local goods in the internet, ask the site to deliver these goods in the locality in china. No goods going to the US, however the payment is in the US. It is difficult to secure online merchant account in china.Thank you.
  • eyemangaeyemanga subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you very much ElidS.Iv already thought of that scenario. If I put 12% markup to the price of the item, would that be enough to offset federal taxes, accounting services, currency exchange, my own profit etc? My assumption is people will pay 12% more than the local price than loosing money because it`s been misused as earlier mentioned. Thank you
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