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Help I need to be seen!!!

ummsufyanummsufyan subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Marketing
I recently launched my Ethical fashion website www.ethikaboutique.com
 to empower women/communities through exquisite fashion.  I`ve got a google Pay Per Click account but I can`t see myself when I search for my keywords, even after I`ve spent $200 per month!  I`m having about 3,500 clicks, but not one person`s bbought anything, so its the beginning, and we are going to add some wonderful new items soon, but I just would really, really appreciate it if anyone could advise perhaps a company/ or give some juicy advise on how to really go for it with promoting my website- on a reasonable budget of course.
Do I have to have a seperate budget for Pr as well as web promotion?!!!
Thanks you guys.
Little me in England, Europe.
Rubana Ahmad




  • ummsufyanummsufyan subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks, and good point, some goods links you gave.
    Initially I thought that $200 is nothing, as ethical fashion is really a big thing here, and I have many competitors, so I thought I had to invest way more to get ranked on the first page.
    I have a basic package, and people are being directed to land on the front page.  I was expecting a better result, as everybody keeps singing about how their online sales are soaring, but I seem to be getting many more sales by the traditional old cold calling!
    It a shame, I really would like more private customers, but I know this takes time, I`ve only just launched this September.
    I saw a recent post that you`ve built a successful online business, and you`d like to sell, so congratulations, and we`re all ears if you want to share how you got there!
    THANK YOU!!!
  • ummsufyanummsufyan subscriber Posts: 1
    HUGE Thanks for that Craig, some excellent points there that I will implement.  I do believe I`ve listed the terms organic clothing, and eco-fashion, but I will again check on these words.
    I`m quite an amateur at website promotion, so I didn`t realise that the list of terms on the first page would be so relevant in search engines- thanks!
    "Ethical Fashion" as a term is quite well known, ans is a growing trend in the U.K.
    But just for the record we directly empower poverty stricken widows and young girls in Pakistan, they create the beautiful embroidery you see on our garments on the first page.
    We also employ 4 tailors in Pakistan and have opened our own offices for production.
    Many people in Pakistan  India and Bangladesh are still terribly exploited to work for long hours without a break and hardly any money for it, the can barely feed themselves and their family.
    We pay them good decent salaries, and we let our embroidery women set the prices and we don`t haggle with these little guys.
    We aim to eliminate poverty, we also work with college fashion students to help us create beautiful collections, and help provide them with excellent work experience, so were a social enterprise all the way .
    Do you work in search engine optimisation, you seem to know your stuff.
    Do you know of any professionals who might be able to help- that won`t also break the bank!
    Thanks again, have a nice day!
  • smallbizcoachsmallbizcoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Rubana -
    Do yourself and your business a favor and hire someone who specializes in SEO and has a record of making sites money and getting traffic.
    The biggest mistake I ever made was doing my website marketing myself. It cost me money, in fact it lost me money.
    I found an SEO expert online that specializes in internet marketing and Adwords. He also has a 200+ feedbacks on the freelance site. After an extensive interview, I hired him and it has worked out wonderful.
    Look for a professional and focus your efforts on what you do best and work on the store to make it as user friendly as possible.
  • ummsufyanummsufyan subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the advise.  Did the expert that you found actually jump start customers buying online???  Could you perhaps recommend this person, I wonder if he`s in my budget.
    I`m actually reaching alot of boutiques through cold calling, and I`m wondering how much money I`m going to have to invest to get to direct customers on the web, and if its worth it?
    I suppose I have to try to find out!
    Thanks again,
  • BobbieLouiseBobbieLouise subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi. I too love the idea of your clothing line. If you`re going to use google adwords, you might want to give Glyphius.com a try. The product rates your ads for effectiveness within the search engines. Advertising is always a good investment, but you want your advertising to be effective and meaningful. Good luck to you!
  • LouiseKLouiseK subscriber Posts: 0
    As Bobbie mentioned, I use glyphius software to increase the effectiveness of my google ads. The improvement has been notable. You may also want to check out Artemispro.com as this will even further the effectiveness of your site. Having the right tools to promote your site can be as important as the products or services you offer. Best of luck!
  • ummsufyanummsufyan subscriber Posts: 1
     Thanks Bobbie Louise.
    I`m so busy with completing boutique orders at the moment, sourcing new fabrics and ordering new ones like soyabean fabric that totally decomposes- hah- cool!, organising a totally new collection of 15-20 pieces for the summer, that I haven`t had a chance to look at my addword account!
    I think I need to work on completin the new collection then I`m going to work on implementing all the excellent advise on this page.
    I am quite cautious now when it comes to advertising, and I`m wondering does it really work???
    I recently paid $600 for an ad in a ethical fashion living magazine, and to my dismay, I had ZERO,  customers, and plently of hard sell advertising sales reps calling me up saying that I simply must place an advert in their special directory ect...
    I have also had a highly reputable newspaper ask for me to appear in Ethical supplement, she was giving me a really hard sell approach, but I`m pretty off advertising at the moment, I think I`ll go for a little pr now!!!
    Do you have a successful online business, how did you drive traffic there, and how long did it take for your business to really lift off the ground???
    Have a great weekend, from me over here in RAINLY England-
    I`m very curious, what`s the weather like over there?????????????
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