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Medical Transcription Service (outsourced)

xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2008 in Selecting a Business
I have a deal in place with a medical transcription company out of the country.
They will charge me a certain rate for their transcription services for doctors and I will market here in the united states for them and charge whatever i want to charge. 
I would bill a client, then I would collect from them, and I will pay the transcribers. 
What are some considerations here? 


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    xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
    I agree and thank you for your input.  I`m in the due dilligence stage trying to hammer out the exact format.
    I am in the medical field and know how long things take.  I`m targeting the small, self-established doctors who incorporate themselves.  What I will offer is on-site setup and a more hands-on approach on my end and a hands-off approach on their end.   What I offer the outsoucing company is marketing and billing ease for US clients at a premium ( I will tack on a few extra cents per dictated line...maybe 30% or so..I`m trying to figure that out based on market conditions).
    I`m trying to find the pricing scheme so I have a few emails out to people I know, then I`ll figure out the billing structure and methods to do this.   any suggestions would be helpful.
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    xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
    I got some feed back as for current market conditions and I have determined that the price the outsourced firms are charging is too close to the current market so I might have to pass. I`m number crunching but doesn`t look good.
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