former wholesaler-new to retail please critique my site

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I am trying my hand at being an online retailer.  I designed the site myself and I am afraid it really looks that way. My main concern is that consumers will not have confidence buying from me. I would appreciate any critique or suggestions in making my site look more professional. Thanks. 


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    First, Thank you for your reply.Prices, I can`t believe I don`t have them. I thought that I did.  I have looked at it so many times, it`s blinding.I will remove "Home" from the home page.Unfortunately, hiring a professional is not in my budget.  I never really found a template that I liked, but I would definitely consider it.I am really taking all of your suggestions/comments in.  I am considering reworking all of the shopping pages. I better get to work.Thanks for your reply.Angelica
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    I agree with NHG that the photos could be better, but then I am a product photographer.  Clothing is one of the most challenging products to photograph but to improve yours I would put the clothes on some models and keep the detail photos as well.Personally, I like simple pages and I would keep your current style.  Just add more photos of the product in various backgrounds.Oh, you mentioned adding your voice to the home page.   Don`t.  Put it on an "About Us" page and don`t start playing it automatically.  In my book a website that starts playing media automatically every time I land on that page gets a failing grade.  If I want to see/hear it, I get to press "Play" - not you.Steve Mann
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    Steve,I would definitely agree that clothes are hard to photograph.  No matter how many times I smoothed them out they still look creased or wrinkled.  Now it is very clear to me that I need better pictures. Thanks for your response.  Oh, and no I won`t be puting any sound on my website, you might be thinking of someone else.  I also agree with you that keeping it simple is best, especially when you are not a web designer.Thanks again for taking the time to respond.Angelica
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    Janie,I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look.  Your response definitely confirmed that I need to have better pictures. Thanks.Angelica
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